UTA Stays Pat On MediaLink Management Team

On the day before former MediaLink CEO and Founder Michael Kassan is schedule for a keynote interview at the Possible conference in Miami tomorrow, MediaLink parent UTA this morning issues a press release reaffirming the management consultancy's leadership team.

The release, which was intentionally timed to remind the advertising, entertainment and tech industries that the core team servicing clients still is in place, includes some clarification and delineation of roles is split into two practice areas: 

  • Marketing consulting, led by Donna Sharp, along with Andrea Kerr Redniss and Lena Petersen.
  • Media & Tech Strategy Consulting, led by Christopher Vollmer, Devrie DeMarco and Mark Wagman.
Below the surface the announcement sends a signal to the market that whatever Kassan might say or do with tomorrow's keynote, there is continuity in place for the team he helped assemble at MediaLink before stepping down as its CEO a little more than a month ago.



“This group has been leading the work and delivering results for clients for many years now. Diving in with them over the last few weeks has given us tremendous confidence in their ability to lead MediaLink and drive the business forward.” UTA CEO Jeremy Zimmer says in a statement.

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