Streaming Media Becomes Mainstream - Study

Just how important a role does the streaming media play in the daily lives of average Americans? Later this month, Arbitron Inc. and Edison Media Research will present findings from a highly anticipated new study - Internet and Multimedia 11: New Media Enters the Mainstream, which examines how new media usage - such as satellite radio, personal video recorders and DVDs - has become part of mainstream consumer habits.

According to a preliminary data release, approximately 50 million Americans have used Internet audio or video in the last month. The data also indicates that nearly two-thirds (61%) of people who tune to Internet audio and 59% of those who watch Internet video prefer free programming supported by advertising versus other business models.

Additionally, Arbitron has found that online purchasing has nearly doubled in the past three years.

A quarter of those with Internet access at home use software programs to block other forms of Internet intrusions.

Encouragingly, despite predictions of a plateau, the percentage of Americans with Internet access in any location (home, work, school, public library) increased to 80%.

Authors will present full findings from this study on Wednesday, September 24, 2003 on a live webcast at 12 noon EDT.

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