Pepsi, Minisode Team For Retrospective Efforts

Pepsi, which is rebranding its packaging to sport a retro look, next month will tout the change on the Minisode Network. New Pepsi bottles will carry Pepsi logos from the past century. Pepsi cans will tout the site, directing consumers to the Minisode Network channel on, which features old TV shows.

Russell Weiner, VP/marketing for Pepsi said, in a release, "The Minisode Network is a great partner for this design -- the combination of our can with this site provides a full nostalgic experience."

Pepsi branding will appear on the home page of The Minisode Network channel on, a streaming video channel. Sony Pictures Television worked with Pepsi to create custom ads that will also run on the site, in addition to rich media banner ads.

Shows joining the lineup include "Bewitched," "I Dream of Jeanie" and "The Jeffersons," for a total of 18 channels. More are planned. AOL will host the Minisode Network, as will Joost and Verizon Wireless, on its V Cast video service.



Pepsi's global restyle initiative launched in February, with packaging graphics updates every few weeks to reflect themes like sports, music, fashion and cars. Each Pepsi design is accompanied by a web address that gives consumers access to exclusive online content, games, contests and sweepstakes.

In addition to Sony Pictures Television, other Pepsi packaging and promotions have featured partners like Pharrell Williams, Big & Rich, the All-American Rejects and MTV. Adidas, the National Football League, Major League Baseball and Nascar driver Jeff Gordon have partnered with Pepsi on sports-themed packaging and programs.

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