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Dear Carol Bartz

In a blog post to Carol Bartz, Paul O'Brien lays it on the line in hopes Yahoo's new hire CEO will return the search giant to grandeur. O'Brien steps though Yahoo's accomplishments and mishaps, reminding Bartz that "Yahoo has the potential to be so much and yet it seemingly prefers to attempt to be everything by repeatedly reinventing the wheel (or buying new ones) instead of making the wheel fit a better car."

O'Brien believes Yahoo "deserves to own online advertising," but the company and its technology needs help to get on track. Google may own search marketing -- but few can deliver the promise of online advertising, he writes. O'Brien tells Bartz that Yahoo has the technology to target online ads to consumers, but it's not hitting the mark. "Why do I see ads for a new printer when a month ago I researched them? Bad credit when you alone should know that I'm doing just fine? NutriSystem? I'm 140 lbs!" he writes.



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