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Jim Banister

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  • Why Facebook Will Fail in Online Media Daily on 06/16/2009

    The last reports I saw had Facebook at over 200 million active worldwide unique users (and growing) and an estimated $200m-plus in annual revenue in 2008.

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  • BP Fumbles Social Media Response to Spill, What Should It Do? by Erik Sass (The Social Graf on 05/03/2010)

    i'm afraid their salvation (if it exists) lies in the "do" not the "say." How about providing housing and supplies for those volunteers on the front-line on-shore stemming the deadly tide. how about not listening to sibling chemical companies and trying new (and proven) methodologies that are more focused on environment-saving that profit. this could be the worst eco-disaster *ever*. there actions should dictate their social media strategy-- that is, help society for real. the word will get out.

  • Mindset Matters by Tina Sharkey (Engage:Moms on 05/13/2009)

    Here, here, Tina. I'm not a mom, but am a dad who feels that "general social networks" don't service us in our normal hobbies, lifestyles and industries. The context of Facebook is "social networking." The context of BabyCenter is being a parent-- a substantially more targeted behavior. I have felt for some time that the "features" or "utilities" represented by the likes of Facebook ("social networking"), Twitter ("micro-blogging"), Flickr ("photo-sharing"), YouTube ("video sharing"), and all the other web mega-utilities will ultimately be subsumed and incorporated into niche and mega-niche social networks... (social niche-works?)... focused on an archetypal behavior-- like being a parent and BabyCenter. As it should be. In fact, I felt so strongly about this, I had my company create PlanetTagger, a location-based services engine that can be incorporated by any existing community to offer to their affinity group as a tool to enhance their "first lives" instead of getting them to build a "second life." For moms, it's a way to share information and content around locations, people and events. All geo-contextual, which is important for a parent. Schools, shopping, recreation, get-togethers, and even Amber alerts. Very cool. You may want to take a look: You have great insights. I'll be blogging about your comments myself.

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