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  • You've Come A Long Way, Baby -- Or, Have You?  in Engage:Boomers on 07/12/2010

    With Bureau of Labor Statistics suggesting that Boomer women will continue working past 65 -- some for professional and personal fulfillment, others out of financial need -- markets would do well to remember that Boomer working women are not monolithic.

  • I Get Around  in Engage:Boomers on 06/14/2010

    As geo location services become mainstream, it will be important both for developers and advertisers to remember that it's not just the Millennials who will be checking in; it will also be Boomers. If you're in doubt, remember that three years ago few believed that Boomers would embrace Facebook. But they have.

  • The Talents Of A Middle-Aged Brain  in Engage:Boomers on 05/10/2010

    Understanding middle-age brain functions provides important insights on marketing to Boomers during the middle-aged years.

  • Marketer, Heal Thyself in Engage:Boomers on 04/12/2010

    The next time you are frustrated at your inability to convince the young creative director or media planner or marketing client to include Boomers in their campaign, ask yourself if you are abiding by your own advice.

  • The Apple Of A Boomer's Eye in Engage:Boomers on 03/08/2010

    Apple also seems to have realized the potential of marketing to Boomers long before its technology and lifestyle brand competitors -- who are myopically focused on the youth market.

  • Be True To Your Brand And Survive A Crisis in Marketing Daily on 02/18/2010

    Google's response to the Buzz crisis is truer to its brand than its initial product launch. And, that response -- rapid and authentic -- appears to be redeeming its brand.

  • Social Media Redux: It's Here To Stay  in Engage:Boomers on 02/08/2010

    It's not entirely surprising that Facebook is their social network of choice since Boomers view social networks as a way to stay in touch with family and friends. This may also explain why Boomer-specific social networks never took off: Boomers need a multi-generational network and thus far only Facebook fits the bill.

  • Tell Me: What Matters Now?  in Engage:Boomers on 01/11/2010

    What are your particular marketing challenges this year? How can this column help you meet those challenges? Is there some insight or research that could help you? That you might share with a client?

  • 2009: What A Long Strange Trip It's Been  in Engage:Boomers on 12/14/2009

    It was a year that seem to epitomize the Grateful Dead's famous lyrics: "Sometimes the light's all shining on me. Other times I can barely see. Lately it occurs to me, what a long, strange trip it's been." Here then, are my highly unscientific reflections of 2009 events and trends.

  • From Recession To Recovery, Re-Invention  in Marketing Daily on 11/19/2009

    Here are some lessons learned that marketers and brands should take particular note of as they look forward to 2010.

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  • Foursquare Bets Beyond The BCC Set by David Berkowitz (Social Media Insider on 11/23/2010)

    David, nice piece. The Vons/FourSquare loyalty partnership just hints at the potential of how location based services can evolve into the next generation of loyalty programs. It's something that Mike Schneider and I wrote about earlier this year. It will be interesting to watch how this space evolves.

  • You've Come A Long Way, Baby -- Or, Have You? by Anne Mai Bertelsen (Engage:Boomers on 07/12/2010)

    David, Thanks for mentioning the Pew Research. I don't believe that the studies contradict each other. The Pew Research looked, globally, at attitudes of gender equity. The Ad Age/JWT looked at attitudes towards working women -- not about the right of working women -- but about the challenges and realities. We can believe in equity but that doesn't mean that Boomer women define themselves in their work.

  • I Get Around by Anne Mai Bertelsen (Engage:Boomers on 06/14/2010)

    Esther, I've not seen official numbers from any of the location based services but have seen a few unofficial industry estimates suggesting 20% who have signed up for the location based services are 50+ -- so the younger Boomers are missing from the count. As location based services grow, I would expect to see more rigor on user measurement beyond sign-up. By the way, I love when my post triggers another post. Thanks for sending along.

  • Marketer, Heal Thyself by Anne Mai Bertelsen (Engage:Boomers on 04/12/2010)

    Brent, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I'm not "bashing" all nostalgia -- and I might disagree with your assessment of the Superbowl stars. Some of them have been good but I would say the Who this year was painful. Nods to nostalgia can be very effective as you noted in your piece; I'm objecting to the blatant use of it as if somehow if just hearing a Motown tune is suppose to open my wallet. And, a steady diet of nostalgia is a disservice to consumers -- not just Boomers.

  • Social Media Mapping: Discipline, Please by Dan O'Brien (Marketing Daily on 02/19/2010)

    Hi, Dan -- Great piece although not sure I would put legal first. And, I would include thinking about the target audience and where they like to congregate.

  • H1N1 Vaccine: A Generation Gap? by Anne Mai Bertelsen (Engage:Boomers on 11/09/2009)

    Thanks for these comments. You might want to read today's New York Times in addition. Dr. Perri Klass shares insights about the polio vaccine from David Oshinsky whose won a Pulitzer prize for his work Polio: An American Story. I really didn't know she was going to write this when I wrote my piece. Here's the link.

  • Integrated Media Strategies Are Necessary by Anne Mai Bertelsen (Engage:Boomers on 08/03/2009)

    A belated "thank you" to all for your feedback and real life experiences utilizing an integrated approach to reaching Boomers. And, to Patricia, age demographics is just one of the many "tools" marketers have available to them to understand and target consumers. Consumers' -- mine too -- attitudes, perceptions, affiliations are shaped by our life experiences -- and age often serves as a shorthand "proxy." So, yes, I do think that age is important but not the only "tool."

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