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Sondra Riley

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  • Take Your Phones Out, Please in Notes from the Digital Frontier on 10/04/2011


  • If You Can't Beat 'Em... Copy 'Em! in Notes from the Digital Frontier on 09/27/2011


  • Can't We All Just Get Along? in Notes from the Digital Frontier on 09/22/2011


  • 300 Hundred Ad Networks? Not Enough! in Online Media Daily on 11/06/2008

    I see it reported with regularity now that there are 300 ad networks, usually coupled with the assertion that the world would be a better place

  • Risking the Internet Audience  in Online Media Daily on 09/17/2007

    YouTube and Facebook each took steps recently to harvest the considerable advertising revenue opportunity on their sites. Understandable. But are we squandering the best hope we've had in years to leverage consumer involvement with media in the interest of brand relationships?

  • The Semel Moment in Online Media Daily on 07/09/2007

    Today's teachable moment in Internet advertising has a name, Terry Semel, and it is the most recent in a series of lessons describing the future of online media as dependent on the ability to create content and audience networks.

  • Old News, New Media in Online Media Daily on 12/11/2006

    A recent story, well reported in the online trade press, was the news that most of the ad dollars online go to a handful of large players. Reportedly 72% of ad revenue in Q4 of 2005 went to the top 10 ad selling companies. Almost all of the ad revenue in last year's Q4 (95%) went to the top 50 ad selling companies. Those of us who labor online have heard all this before--for years. So, why is this newsworthy?

  • Slouching Toward Validity in Online Media Daily on 08/18/2006

    In a victory for industry standards, the Interactive Advertising Bureau announced last week that a group of eight major marketers, including Colgate-Palmolive and Visa, will demand audited numbers from interactive publishers by mid-2007 and measurement-certified numbers by 2008.

  • Traditional Media Goes Shopping in Online Media Daily on 08/17/2005

    Halfway through 2005, the incessant chatter about blogs and behavior targeting seems to have mellowed. Spyware is in retreat, spam blockers are saving us all time, and the news is largely about traditional media companies starting to buy online companies again. Most of that news has me worried. Once again, traditional companies are computing the value of Internet new media in terms that strike me as old-fashioned: They are buying content.

    If you own a Web site, you may react by thinking, hey, what's wrong with buying content? I wish they'd buy my content! Which is well and good from your vantage point, and I couldn't agree more. Aspiring to sell your property to a larger, perhaps traditional publishing company is a fine ambition and exit strategy after years of passionate, hard work.

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  • Duck Duck Go by katherine (Notes from the Digital Frontier on 09/28/2011)

    I really need to remember to start using this. Google has almost started creeping me out with its advertisements and saved results, especially when I use the computer at my parents' house. I'm not the only one who uses that computer (there are 4 people in that house with guests using the computer all the time) so sometimes I'll get search results and just think, "Umm who was looking for that?!"

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