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Eric Courville

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Eric brings more than 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and business development and a solid track record at improving top line growth. Prior to North Plains, Eric was co-founder and COO at Futurestate IT and VM6 Software, Inc. Prior to Futurestate IT and VM6 Software, Eric had executive roles at Embotics Corporation, PlateSpin Ltd., Platform Computing Corporation and SGI. Eric holds a Business Management and Marketing degree from The University of Montreal (HEC business school) in Montreal.

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  • Goodbye, 4Ps; Hello, 4Rs in Marketing Daily on 03/21/2014

    he digital revolution has changed the way that consumers learn about products, how they engage with brands and how they make purchases. Let's face it, the 4Ps of marketing are dead.

  • How To Avoid The Seven Deadly Sins Of Brand Asset Management in Marketing Daily on 12/11/2013

    Building a brand involves investing in and ensuring its integrity. Being able to manage your brand effectively is an integral part of that investment, which includes protecting your brand while being able to be leverage it in the right place at the right time, with the right message.

  • Content, Channels, Consumers: How To Manage It All in Marketing Daily on 12/11/2012

    The key for marketers is delivering the right message through the right channel to the right people at the right time. Brand stewards need to understand the benefits of creating, tracking, monetizing, and distributing visual content in order to meet business needs and increase engagement.

  • Change Logos Like Diet Coke - And Succeed in Marketing Daily on 10/24/2012

    Diet Coke has changed its logo on cans, replacing the traditional script with a very large and prominent DK label. Although this change seems very promising, its global success will depend on it adhering to the best practices for branding or logo changes.

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