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  • Video Revolution: Staying One Step Ahead Of Cord-Cutters And Cord-Nevers in Video Insider on 11/19/2014

    It's clear that consumers are watching more content on-demand than ever, yet most video publishers and marketers don't seem to notice. Regardless of whether they've taken the plunge to eliminate their cable bill, or simply subscribe to a free or paid streaming service, consumers are choosing to consume content in a different way. This behavior is even more prevalent among 18- to 34-year-olds who have grown up with technology. In fact there is an entire generation of Millennials who are in jeopardy of being cord-cutter (or cord-nevers) once they become responsible for their own cable bill.

  • Cross-Platform Video: Back To Basics in Video Insider on 10/15/2014

    If you haven't been keeping up with the news regarding cross-platform video buying, it really is time to take note. Cross-platform buying is on the rise and here to stay. So what can you do as a publisher or marketer to take advantage of this growing opportunity? Before anything else, we as an industry need to nail the basics.

  • Micro-Video: Catering To On-the-Go Consumers in Video Insider on 09/16/2014

    With the evolution of new video platforms such as Vine and Instagram, the ability to skip an ad after five seconds on YouTube, and the proliferation of smart mobile devices, consumers (including myself) are beginning to see even 15 seconds as too long, let alone 30 seconds. So what do you do if you're not hitting the sweet spot for the effective 30-second ad? There is a huge opportunity for marketers and publishers to embrace micro-video ads, particularly when the core content message is whittled down to one minute or less. Whether it's the 6-second spot on Vine or the 15-second spot on Instagram, marketers are being challenged to create more concise messages to engage consumers, especially via mobile or when they are on-the-go.

  • Video Programmatic Advertising: More Risky Than You Think? in Video Insider on 08/26/2014

    Programmatic advertising has gotten a lot of press recently. Many companies in the category are getting funded by VCs, and one has even become publicly traded. There are aspects of programmatic buying that are compelling, but many pitfalls exist, especially when it involves video programmatic buying in open exchanges.

  • Auto-Play Videos: The Silent Killer in Video Insider on 06/26/2014

    The topic of auto-play versus click-to-play for online video is picking up steam again, especially with the proliferation of programmatic ad buying. It concerns me that auto-play video is evolving into the industry norm, as it ultimately damages the brands of publishers and marketers alike.

  • Unified Reporting For Video: Beyond Scotch-Tape & Glue  in Video Insider on 05/20/2014

    Advertisers and publishers alike are embracing the concept of multiplatform video campaigns, and both face a major industry challenge: unified reporting across these myriad screens. When a single video piece runs across multiple digital platforms such as online, mobile, YouTube, Roku, Apple TV and out-of-home (movie theaters, stadiums), the post-play reporting is not one but many, with different methodologies and measurement metrics. Advertisers and publishers are forced to scotch-tape or glue them into one usable report.

  • Video Call-To-Action: How To Make It Count  in Video Insider on 04/24/2014

    My latest obsession is finding new and interesting ways to create a call-to-action from video, particularly in multiplatform environments. Why is a call-to-action so desirable and important? Advertisers need to prove the value of marketing budgets, publishers need to drive traffic to other destinations where they can monetize their audience, and distributors need to demonstrate the value of their platforms -- including online, in-home and away from home.

  • Native Advertising And Video: How To Avoid The Skip Button  in Video Insider on 03/18/2014

    Native advertising is taking the advertising industry by storm, and among the many possible execution strategies for brands and publishers, video is proving to be a far-reaching and highly effective way to go native.

  • Video Strategy: Life Beyond YouTube in Video Insider on 01/16/2014

    Many marketers rely too heavily on YouTube to anchor their video strategy, focusing only on eyeballs and unified analytics. They are missing growing opportunities in the broader video marketplace.

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  • Auto-Play Videos: The Silent Killer by Jen Sargent (Video Insider on 06/26/2014)

    @Natalie - I've seen some research from Millward Brown (part of WPP) that touches on this topic of brand perception vs. context.

  • Auto-Play Videos: The Silent Killer by Jen Sargent (Video Insider on 06/26/2014)

    @ Dan Ciccone - Hi Dan, we do not currently auto-play video content on our site. You are referring to an Ad unit (not a pre-roll ad, just an ad unit) that happens to play video. What I'm referring to is inflating video stream numbers by auto-playing the actual video content. Hope that helps clarify. We, like many publishers, are closely watching the market and consumer behavior to determine the best experience.

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