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Rachel Spiegelman

Member since January 2016Contact Rachel

Rachel has been leading the breathtaking pace of growth at Pitch since the very beginning, when the advertising agency was launched in 2008. She is the living, breathing embodiment of the agency’s working philosophy: “We never stop pitching our clients’ business.” Rachel has been instrumental in Pitch’s year-over-year success – recognized by Advertising Age, which placed the shop on their prestigious “Agency to Watch” list. Before Pitch, Rachel held a variety of marketing positions in the entertainment field from 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros., to MTV Networks. When Rachel isn’t busy rolling up her sleeves to get the best ideas out the door, she's spending time with her husband, two boys, and their golden retriever, Frankie, who is also the agency mascot and greeter, proudly commanding the floor at Pitch.

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  • Lessons Learned From The Earliest Of Early Adopters, Our Kids in Engage:Affluent on 01/18/2017

    So much of today's conversations center on connectivity. How connected are we? Is it too much for our lives and the lives of our kids? All this chatter about connectivity has me wondering just what it really means to be connected.

  • The Evolving Holiday Wish List: How High-End Brands Have Crept To The Top in Engage:Affluent on 11/16/2016

    I was talking to a friend the other day about her daughter's holiday wish list. A nice young girl from a nice family, not ostentatious at all. And yet, there at the top of her list were items from high-end brands like Lululemon, Michael Kors, David Yurman. Standard brands we associate with young, teenage girls, right? Wrong.

  • Accessibility And Affluence (Like Oil And Water): How Consumers Are Finding A Way To Fix The Two  in Engage:Affluent on 09/21/2016

    Just look at this month's New York Fashion Week. Or actually, let's throw it back to the 1850's when top couture houses in France held private fashion shows for their most prized clients. The high-end fashion world has always been good at making sure no one outside of their exclusive circle has access to their products. Talk about defining affluence.

  • How Leveling Up Your Offering Can Help Or Hinder Your Brand in Engage:Affluent on 07/20/2016

    Uber Select. Soothe. Onefinestay. Now, even the pink mustache is getting fancy.

  • How Reality Can Save Retail in Marketing: CPG on 05/18/2016

    Have you ever searched for "consumer packaged goods" images? What comes up is myriad endless, blurry, retail aisles, often in dully lit, outdated grocery or drug stores. (Needless to say, I don't suspect anyone is posting them with #blessed.)

  • Change Isn't Just Coming, It's Literally Knocking On Your Door in Marketing: CPG on 03/16/2016

    On an almost daily basis, my doorbell rings around 7:45 p.m., setting off a chain reaction that has the dog barking and, inevitably, wakes up the two rambunctious boys I just put to bed. But the most interesting part is watching my husband run to the door like it's Christmas. Only it's not. It's Google Express delivering a "gift" wrapped in a brown paper bag that hides the random sundries we ran out of that morning: laundry detergent, toothpaste, and, of course, bones to entertain the mouth behind that barking.

  • Recapturing Advertising's Creative Groove in MAD on 11/11/2014

    As an industry we let the pendulum swing from creativity ruling all and brands paying an inordinate amount of money for the few and famous shops, to the exact opposite side. We are now negotiating our worth with procurement teams, and the value of our creative through spreadsheets. A process fully removed from the service, the product and in fact the people we are working for.

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