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Scott Coe

Member since January 2010

Scott Coe is a founding partner of Cultivator Advertising & Design, a creative agency with offices in Denver and Minneapolis that helps craft consumer brands.

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  • Doing Well With Purpose: The Rise Of The Craft Movement by Scott Coe (Marketing Daily on 11/26/2014)

    Craft can be a great platform for a brand's story. And I think may brands underestimate its impact across the organization and not just in the packaging materials or digital campaign. Interestingly, so much focus lately has been on the ability today to find the exact prospect, in the right place, at the exact right time, that many brands have forgotten what to say when they actually get there. But that's an article for another day! Appreciate your feedback.

  • Breckenridge Beer Ads Speak The Truth, Without Breaking Its Ad Budget by Larry Dobrow (VidBlog on 05/20/2011)

    Larry; Thanks for the accolades. The campaign was a fun one to produce, and, believe it or not, the talent is actually their brewer. While we would love to send you some liquid love, as you request, I think there are interstate commerce laws around the mailing of beer (even really good beer). Of course, if you find yourself back in Colorado, let us know and we'll make sure you get to try a little of everything they craft.

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