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John Haake

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How do you boil down 25+ years of hands on marketing experience, especially when advances in the last decade alone have brought about more change than in the last century? I do it by telling a story everyone can relate to… “You know the moment when you see an ad for exactly what you need two seconds before you realize you need it? I market the data-driven, people-based technologies behind that magic. I am also a recognized thought leader who is regularly published and appears at conferences and panels pushing the crazy notion that advertising only works when it brings value to consumers.”

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  • Conde Nast's Call For 'Cautious Optimism' On COVID-19 Is Good Idea by (Publishing Insider on 03/24/2020)

    Christiane Mack's memo was ripped straight from the interwebs. Stay home, wash your hands!

  • Autonomous Vehicles Vs. Human Drivers by Chuck Martin (Connected Thinking on 09/03/2018)

    Chuck, Autonomous Vehicles Vs. Human Drivers is an interesting discussion, but I think everyone is resolved that driverless vehicles are indeed the future. The real discussion is "smart cars or smart pavement?" If Elon Musk is to be believed, the cars will have the brains, which is why Teslas have a long road ahead before their price tags approach the budgets of the average driver. What if the tech needed for driverless vehicles were housed in the road itself? The cost would be distributed across all drivers, therefore, making more it economically feasible for the tech to go mainstream.  Companies like Integrated are beginning to run test projects to prove out the concept.

  • Study: Early Adopters Of Native Ads Saw 20% Decline In Aggregate Budget Share by Tobi Elkin (Real-Time Daily on 04/10/2017)

    A point of clarification: In this data set the Automotive vertical included only OEM campaigns. When considering all auto-related campaigns (OEM, Aftermarket, Tier 2, etc...), Automotive remains the largest vertical year over year.

  • Playing the Green Field Outside The Walled Garden by Kathy Leake (MediaDailyNews on 05/16/2016)

    A very thoughtful piece, Kathy. At Flashtalking we are also hearing from advertisers and agencies about pros and cons of jumping into bed with the big guys. In fact, we just wrapped up research that uncovers anxiety that goes beyond media bias. We found that 95% of advertisers think it’s important or very important to have data transparency at a user level which you cannot get within the walled gardens; 92% believe it’s important or very important to that viewability, brand safety and fraud measurement should come from a source not affiliated with inventory; 81% of advertisers believe that it’s important or very important that they have exclusive ownership of campaign data and that it is not aggregated or shared in any way by the tech partner.    The final white paper will be published in June, and I’m sure Mediapost will cover it, so don’t change that dial.   

  • How Agencies Are Sifting Through The Sea Of Ad Tech by Tyler Loechner (RTBlog on 07/22/2015)

    It's not peanut butter verses chocolate. Everybody knows that are made for each other! We've spent the last 6 years stumbling around learning how to leverage data and tech to buy media more effectively, and suddenly we realized that creative still matters. The aha moment that folks are now having is that we can actually leverage the very same data and tech to make the creative more effective. Intelligent, data-driven creative is the missing chocolate to our programmatic peanut butter.

  • Silicon Valley And Madison Ave: Bridge Construction Continues by Seth Ulinski (Real-Time Daily on 05/22/2014)

    I'd like to point out that [x+1] has been "all in" for some time now. In fact, [x+1] Origin Marketing Hub is the only platform that Forrester rated as a "Leader" in DSP and DMP technologies. TURN, MediaMath, DataXu cannot not make that claim. You can download a free copy of the Forrester DMP Wave report here:

  • Do You Prefer Hybrids, Or Do You Stand Alone? The Ultimate DMP Debate by Tyler Loechner (RTBlog on 09/11/2013)

    Download your free copy and see who is actually leading the DMP space and who is just talking about it.

  • Headway Digital Announces DSP/DMP Integration, Focuses On Latin America And US Hispanics by Tyler Loechner (Real-Time Daily on 08/29/2013)

    Forrester Research just released the definitive DMP buyers guide last month. Download your free copy and see who is leading this space.

  • Marketers Must Measure their Data Footprint by Matthew Westover (Real-Time Daily on 09/26/2013)

    Great topic! Forrester Research just released the definitive DMP buyers guide last month. Download your free copy and see who is making the biggest footprints in the space.

  • Under-The-Hood Of Over-The-Top by Joe Mandese (TVBlog on 07/28/2011)

    Netflix knows what they are doing by making its customers choose. Their disk business has plateaued while their streaming service is exploding, and the margins on the digital side are many times larger than the disk side. They are aggressively inviting their customers to join them in ushering in the future of media. Let’s face it, DVDs are yesterday’s Betamax.

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