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Gary Kreissman

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  • Trump Card: Packaging Lessons From Politics, Hollywood in Marketing: Politics on 04/26/2016

    Despite his reputedly tone deaf self-promotion, Donald Trump has proven he can listen and learn - and then apply that research to market expansion. And the passing of Prince last week underscores another element of his absorbing what works and gaining market share.

  • How Will Bernie Use That Data? in Marketing: Politics on 12/23/2015

    There has been a major uproar in political media about the Bernie Sanders campaign accessing voter and contributor data belonging to the Hillary Clinton campaign. Ethics aside, how much of that data would be truly helpful to Bernie Sanders? Would his campaign get full value from it? It comes down to whether you believe all leads are created equal. Marketing experience says -- no. Some prospects are more likely to contribute (i.e. buy) than others, which makes them more valuable. And so they deserve more time and attention. That's as true in politics as in cars or cereals.

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  • The Non-Marketing Of Obamacare by (Mad Blog on 10/08/2013)

    Barbara, you've nailed it again. An administration that mastered contemporary marketing, data and technology practice to get re-elected has once again failed to apply their learning to execution - and on their signature program. Just more wasted opportunity, ineffective communications and dysfunctional government. Maybe it's time to create a cabinet level CMO post.

  • Battered, And Operating On Batteries by Joe Mandese (Red, White & Blog on 10/30/2012)

    I completely agree. Even in countries that have gone overboard on austerity, contemporary infrastructure is a priority. US politics has to stop looking back to 20th century issues and solutions

  • How Can Komen Come Back with Social Media? by Erik Sass (The Social Graf on 02/06/2012)

    The damage is done - this raised awareness amongst progressives that Komen has political affiliations they find offputting. I'd expect to see more contributions going to other organizations that combat breast cancer. Even an effective social strategy won't recoup those losses.

  • Journey To The Information Cul De Sac by Matt Thornhill (Engage:Boomers on 03/14/2011)

    Matt is right on here. It is all about editing, choosing your battles and media - and more about Return on Time than simply ROI.

  • Bubblicious: Groupon's Value Increases $10 Billion for No Reason by Erik Sass (The Social Graf on 01/15/2011)

    Yes, the business model is revolutionary. But no, there are few barriers to entry other than brand. And once price-based competition truly kicks in, Groupon's labor-intensive model will be an issue. There's a major difference from the high IPO valuation Google earned (and maintained): Google was and is a utility with inertia on its side. Groupon is likely to be the market share leader in a burgeoning category - but that doesn't justify the valuation.

  • Malcolm Gladwell Is Wrong, Wrong, Wrong by Erik Sass (The Social Graf on 10/05/2010)

    I'm coming down on Gladwell's side. I'd liken social media interaction versus "live" activism to the difference between lead generation and sales. Social is a good initial recruiting (prospecting) tool to alert people with a range of interest levels about an event, a product or a movement. But interest translates into action in only a small fraction of cases. Social can be an extremely effective first step toward activism or product purchase, but it should not be confused with commitment.

  • Social Media For Business: It's All About The Leads by Erez Barak (Performance Insider on 06/24/2010)

    You've hit the basics, but an important component needs to be added in the arena of scoring. That's the "return on time" as well as ROI stemming from segregating highest value leads from the run of the mill. Social can be leveraged to not only generate committed prospects, but to engage disproportionately with those worth the time, money and effort.

  • CPM Pricing is Doomed by David Koretz (Publishing Insider on 12/11/2009)

    As an advocate of performance marketing, I applaud your perspective. Your assessment is correct and it will lead to media success being driven by the consultative sale. The more publishers can provide insight on their audiences and collaborate with advertisers on offers and messages that motivate key segments of those audiences, the more dollars will flow in their direction.

  • Why Social Media Is About to Make Black Friday Really Dark For Other Media by Catharine P. Taylor (Social Media Insider on 11/25/2009)

    Well done, Catharine. This is an excellent response to those who question Social Media's commercial potential. Marketers who view Social as promotion or PR as opposed to DR are emerging as the winners.

  • Your Professional Bio by dave.b and Max Kalehoff (Online Spin on 06/05/2009)

    I agree with Frank: Now that you've raised the questions, I'd hope the next column might provide some solutions. Or at minimum, show some examples of what not to do.

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