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Natalie Hill

Member since October 2008Contact Natalie

  • Research Director AccentHealth
  • 747 3rd Avenue, 14th Floor
  • New York New York
  • 10017 USA

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  • Making The Physician-Patient Interaction More Effective in Marketing: Health on 05/31/2017

    As our industry continues its march to value-based healthcare, how will success be measured? Beyond script lift and market share, the industry has an opportunity now to come together around a common vision: That the real profit of our efforts is measured in the long-term health of patients.

  • 3 Measurement Essentials At The Point Of Care in Marketing: Health on 06/07/2016

    In recent years, as a result of advances in technology, expansion of channel reach and increased focus on patient outcomes, the Point of Care channel has grown to be a more important part of brand marketing strategies - most notably for healthcare marketers. Campaigns at POC have been successfully fueled by data-driven targeting and a high degree of consumer engagement with relevant content, but what has made POC most attractive to marketers can be summed up in one word, measurability.

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