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Drew Berkowitz

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20 years of digital media experience, insight and industry perspective, Building Partnerships to Drive Revenue and Awareness. Currently leading efforts with Wochit to guide publishers, journalists, brands and storytellers to elevate their content through creation and distribution of video. Devised and Launched Wochit's Native Video Brand Studio, building content and distribution across the web, social, mobile and OTT channels. Launched Vimeo's Sales and Marketing efforts and won numerous awards for Branded Content programs, working globally with brands and distribution partners. Built Comedy Central's website, and lead all Revenue efforts. Currently writing a book titled, "Why You Won’t Read This,"​ covering the shift in consumption of information from written word to video.

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  • Teens And The Three-Second Rule For Social in Engage:Teens on 04/06/2017

    First the good news: Contrary to a common factoid (can we call it a faketoid?) teenagers - and, in fact, all humans - do not really have attention spans shorter than those of goldfish. In studies with school-aged kids, it has become apparent that the ability to pay attention varies widely. The reality is really not that teens have short attention spans, it's that they have short attention spans for things they don't care about.

  • Teens Follow The News, Too, Just Not The Same Way You Do in Engage:Teens on 09/01/2016

    When we think about how teens spend their time, a lot of us imagine them face down in their devices, vegging out on the couch, or, increasingly, a little bit of both. That image isn't totally askew; after all, recent research shows that teens 13-18 spend almost 9 hours a day consuming media.

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