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John Cosley

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John Cosley is responsible for Microsoft Search Advertising’s global brand marketing and communications activities, which includes Bing Ads. He has over 18 years of digital marketing experience across a diverse set of industries, including Entertainment, Technology/Software, Advertising, and Creative Services.

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  • Chatbots: A Big Help For Small Businesses  in Search Marketing Daily on 07/28/2017

    Consumers searching for answers that may be posted on sources not available to search engines often turn to phone or email. The repetitive nature of these inquiries offers these businesses an opportunity,

  • Why Voice Won't Replace Screen Search  in Search Marketing Daily on 02/16/2017

    There's a lot of talk that companies need to prepare for a world where voice is the primary -- or the only -- way consumers will interact with devices, applications and services. By 2020, Gartner predicts, 30% of Web browsing will be done without a screen.

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  • Why Voice Won't Replace Screen Search by John Cosley (Search Marketing Daily on 02/16/2017)

    Thanks Larry. You do make a good distinction here, that when it comes to task completion not all voice interactions are about search. Commands can be search or non-search related. In this piece I was focusing on those that were search-related (i.e. "I like my Gucci shoes but show me a different style in brown" vs. "reorder my favorite Gucci shoes"). For an agent or assistant to truely fulfill its value prop, it needs to handle both types of requests. A good clarification I could have included.

  • Banner Blindness: 60% Can't Remember The Last Display Ad They Saw by Laurie Sullivan (Online Media Daily on 03/18/2013)

    Why is this viewed in a vacuum? They should be comparing this to the recall rate for ads in other mediums (magazine, billboard, TV, etc.) It's meaningless without context.

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