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Jed Wheeler

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Jed Wheeler is the Director of Mobile Strategy and Solutions at RhythmOne. He specializes in data analytics and strategy at the intersection of mobile, social, and ad-tech. He enjoys gardening, blacksmithing, live music, and being dad.

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  • Programmatic Insights: A Close Look At Mobile Ad Fraud in Marketing Insider on 01/10/2018

    As we ring in 2018, one thing is clear: Media quality remains a top challenge for digital marketers. With mobile ad spending accounting for 70.3% of total U.S. digital advertising spending, many of the techniques used to perpetuate fraud as well as detect it have migrated from desktop to mobile. Mobile ad fraud comes in several varieties; let's take a look at several of the most prominent.

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  • Programmatic Insights: A Close Look At Mobile Ad Fraud by Jed Wheeler (Marketing Insider on 01/10/2018)

    The percentage varies wildly depending on the campaign and the optimization criteria.  As mentioned in the article, app install campaigns that do not look at downstream engagement are likely the most vulnerable to several of these types of fraud since they will likely be actively optimizing toward mislabeled inventory and install fraud inventory. Campaigns that are optimized strictly on click-through are also at risk for the same reason - optimizing just on clicks means the impression frequency will be highest on fraudulant inventory where clicks are plentiful. The solution in both cases is the same - optimize campaigns based on downstream actions.  If you give your budget to sites and apps that drive the most engaged users instead of the most installs you'll eliminate most fraud and end up with a stronger more engaged user base as a bonus. 

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