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D. daniel Ziv

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  • VP Customer Interaction Analytics Verint
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  • Why Do I Still Get So Much Junk Mail In The Era Of Big Data? in MarketingTools: CRM on 12/24/2013

    It's amazing how much junk mail we continue to receive, considering the cost and waste associated with each mailing that gets tossed into the recycle bin daily. In many cases, I get the same letter from the same company about a dozen times. If I haven't responded after the first five mailings, you'd think they might cease efforts. And, worse than junk mail are the evening phone calls from telemarketers with non-relevant offers.

  • Take A Good Look At How You Measure Loyalty - Are You Missing The Point?  in MarketingTools: CRM on 10/29/2013

    For years, companies have been seeking to find and use a simple way to quantify customer loyalty. One example is Net Promoter Score (NPS), which identifies three customer categories: promoters, passives and detractors. Keeping things simple, both for the customer and the company, is a big advantage of NPS and similar models. Asking a single question, such as "how likely are you to recommend our company to your friends," can help identify which of your customers are your brand promoters, passives and detractors.

  • Is Your Marketing Campaign Wasting Money? in MarketingTools: CRM on 08/27/2013

    Several years ago, I bought my wife a new smartphone for her birthday. While her original reaction implied disappointment and disinterest, it didn't take long for this feature-rich phone to become an integral part of her everyday life. Recently, the on-off button stopped working and now her phone is always on. We decided it was time to upgrade. At the same time, I noticed a full-page ad in Time magazine for a great deal on a new phone with unlimited voice, data and text package. The next day, my wife enthusiastically went to the nearest retail branch to inquire with intent to buy a new phone. The sales representative agreed that it sounded like a great deal, but knew nothing of the offer. My wife left the store disappointed with her old phone in hand.

  • Risky Business: How Analytics Can Help Manage And Reduce Consumer Risk  in MarketingTools: CRM on 06/25/2013

    Over the last few years, more and more organizations have come to realize that interactions with customers-through the contact center, via social media and in retail stores-are becoming a significant area of potential risk that needs to be carefully managed.

  • Words That Sell  in MarketingTools: CRM on 02/26/2013

    The words you say, as well as the ones you don't say, can make a big impact on your sales results.

  • Take Ownership Of The Customer Experience In 2013  in MarketingTools: CRM on 12/26/2012

    I recently planned a special weekend getaway for my family. I had booked the hotel months in advance, in addition to securing reservations for quite a few other activities, special meals, and more. When we arrived at the hotel, I was surprised that the clerk could not find our reservation. After speaking with the manager, we had learned that our reservation was accidentally canceled by the online booking company. Even though I had a copy of the original confirmation (which was already paid), I was told the hotel was fully booked and they could not honor our stay.

  • Leveraging Social Media For Valuable Voice Of The Customer Input  in MarketingTools: CRM on 10/23/2012

    With Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media outlets reaching a record number of users, industry analysts and researchers are looking into the ways these media platforms are influencing the customer experience. The University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth conducted a study that evaluated Fortune 500 companies and found that 62% use Twitter, 58% have a corporate Facebook page, and 23% have a corporate public-facing blog. This raises an important question: are companies leveraging social media as a valuable source for Voice of the Customer (VoC) input?

  • A Conversation On The Role Of Big Data In Marketing And Customer Service  in MarketingTools: CRM on 04/25/2012

    Big data is here! And, marketers are one of the professional groups that stand to gain the most from these new-found capabilities to analyze data that, until recently, would have been too complex to capture, store and make sense of. Behind the hype lies a golden opportunity for marketers and customer service to help their organizations get ahead of the competition. Cutting through all the noise can be a challenge, so it's important to understand what big data can achieve, what data is most useful, and how to go about using it.

  • Kick Off A Successful Voice Of The Customer Program In 2012 - Start By Listening To Your Own Voice! in MarketingTools: CRM on 02/28/2012

    Many agree that listening to the voice of the customer is becoming more critical, but sometimes it's not clear where to begin when launching a broader corporate initiative. Organizations that have successfully implemented a Voice of the Customer (VoC) program often started by looking to the Voice of the Employee (VoE) first. This move makes perfect sense, as it's difficult to achieve an excellent customer experience if your employees are unhappy.

  • The Boomerang Effect Of Loyalty Programs in MarketingTools: CRM on 12/27/2011

    Loyalty programs have become a standard tool for attracting and maintaining repeat customers. Just about every industry and vertical market offers one -- retailers, financial institutions, airlines, hotels and more. The question lies in whether these programs really manage to build long-term, loyal relationships with customers or instead end up disappointing them.

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  • Why Do I Still Get So Much Junk Mail In The Era Of Big Data? by D. Daniel Ziv (MarketingTools: CRM on 12/24/2013)

    Mr. Figurito, I had no intention to devalue direct mail which I believe can be a very effective marketing channel. I love your idea and will consider a future article demonstrating how leveraging the abundance of new customer data from various channels can be utilized to significantly improve the effectiveness of direct mail. Thanks again and happy 2014!

  • Why Do I Still Get So Much Junk Mail In The Era Of Big Data? by D. Daniel Ziv (MarketingTools: CRM on 12/24/2013)

    Dear Mr Figurito, I appreciate your comments and definitely agree that direct mail is not the only channel where consumers are bombarded with an overload of many non-relevant messages. As you noted, people get over 3000 messages a day, and only remember 4. That is what I hope will change when companies effectively leverage the customer data available to them today.

  • Take A Good Look At How You Measure Loyalty - Are You Missing The Point? by D. Daniel Ziv (MarketingTools: CRM on 10/29/2013)

    Thanks Robi, Obviously mobile is a critical platfrom for multichannel interactions, not just 24 hour phone channel, but also web, text, apps etc. Mobile also enables proactive customer engagement at the right place and the right time, and will play an increasingly important role in managing and impacting the customer experience and journey. Thanks, Daniel

  • Words That Sell by D. Daniel Ziv (MarketingTools: CRM on 02/26/2013)

    Thanks Arlene, The catch is that the words that sell and don’t sell typically change over time. I’m sure there was a time when the phrase “may I have another moment of your time” did work for this bank. To be most effective in selling we should constantly monitor which words work and which are no longer effective and guide our sales people and agents accordingly!

  • Challenging The Synergy Between Marketing And Customer Service by D. Daniel Ziv (MarketingTools: CRM on 06/15/2010)

    Thanks Deven for your comment – I agree. When customers speak to customer service representatives they believe they are speaking with the company and expecting to be heard by all departments including marketing, especially when we tell them “this call is being recorded”. All we have to do is deliver on that expectation.

  • CRM Meets The (New) Voice Of The Customer by D. Daniel Ziv (MarketingTools: CRM on 03/16/2010)

    Thanks Gregory. There are more and more examples of companies leveraging Indirect/Unstructured analysis into their CRM models and processes. Companies are using text analytics to extract and mine social media content from review forums, communities and other social media sites so that they can attribute, to each content creator, a CRM analytic “profile” that they can then use to track the content creator’s posting habits, and the impact that content creator has on a social media content source’s tone, sentiment, and overall audience engagement. One example is Clarabridge - a text analytics company - that is being used to “listen” to the postings from contributors to a developer forum, and their tool is used to identify valuable contributors, so that the company can reach out to those posters, offer incentives to them to continue to drive their engagement, and develop a more close relationship with those individuals. Effectively they are creating a customer relationship with those posters by using CRM techniques to engage with the customers through social media. Other companies like Comcast use Twitter to listen and engage with “vocal” customers to help resolve their issues and hopefully sway them to become “vocal” supporters.

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