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Daniel Hodges

Member since April 2011

Daniel Hodges, CEO, Retail Store Tours - A CIM Company Retail Store Tours ( are curated store experiences selected based on a company’s business objectives, ushering in a new era of learning, networking and fun. We meet with disruptive innovators changing the retail landscape."Our executive team found the experience moved our decision process timetable forward and gave us confidence in our thinking.” Retail Store Tours are available daily in NYC and in 20+ cities around the world and at the NRF 2020. The tour is highly stimulating allowing for interaction and discussion within the group and after the experience. When we started Consumers in Motion (CIM) in 2013, we created a unique process built around expertly led curated experiences, ushering in a new era of exploration, business development and team building. “We got four months of business development meetings in two days,” using this process said a leading automobile CEO. CIM Tours has grown into one of the world’s leading provider of business and consumer experiences at industry conferences, shopping districts and themed city events in the United States and Europe. CIM Tours is a privately held global experience company based in the New York City area. We create industry leading programs at major events to help delegates navigate, explore, network, engage and experience the technologies and trends driving the pace of change today.

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