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Dan Mosher

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  • General Manager, BRX BrightRoll
  • San Francisco California
  • 94111 USA

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  • The Rise of Private Marketplaces In Digital Video Advertising in Video Insider on 04/22/2014

    Private marketplace gives demand and supply partners the ability to transact video advertising programmatically, in a direct, invitation-only technology platform. So why did this trend that started in display move to video?

  • The Time For Video RTB Is Now  in Video Insider on 08/07/2012

    Real-time bidding (RTB) has the potential to change the way digital video is bought and sold. At my company we believe more than 50% of video impressions will be bought via RTB over the next three years. At this point, it's not a question of if, but when?

  • Welcome To The Post-PC World in Video Insider on 08/17/2011

    Cisco said recently that although 3% of all internet traffic originates from mobile devices today, by 2015 mobile devices will contribute 15% of IP traffic. Two thirds of that traffic will be video. In addition, the widespread adoption of HTML5 standards for mobile web and applications will help to standardize video delivery.

  • Mobile Video Ad Market Actually 5x Bigger Than Analysts Think in Video Insider on 06/21/2011

    The mobile video market has grown so rapidly over the last six months that it has caught a lot of folks off guard. As a result, research firms such as eMarketer are underestimating current and projected mobile video advertising revenue by a significant factor. Most of these firms expect revenue from mobile video advertising to hit $50 million for the 2011 calendar year, but I believe this number could be closer to $250 million. That's five times current industry expectations.

  • Surprise! Mobile Video Inventory Now Far Exceeds Demand in Video Insider on 04/21/2011

    Contrary to popular belief, mobile video inventory is now far outstripping the demand from advertisers -- and many players in the ecosystem have an incentive to present mobile inventory as being constrained. Well, the jig is up. As Ray Kurzweil says, we tend to think linearly but information technology scales exponentially. The confluence of three factors have driven this massive growth in mobile video inventory:

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  • The Time For Video RTB Is Now by Dan Mosher (Video Insider on 08/07/2012)

    Jason - Thanks for the response. I can't speak for all exchanges, but as the general manager of the BrightRoll Exchange (BRX), I can tell you that we spend a lot of resources reviewing all publisher partners so that we avoid “unsavory” video content upfront. Brand safety more broadly is an issue BRX takes very seriously and addresses in several ways: We track the video content based on content URL IDs that we share with marketers within the RTB request, and we provide other data to marketers in the RTB request including the page URL the player resides on; player size; data on whether or not the video is user initiated; and player placement on the page. All digital video advertisers face brand safety challenges but exchanges in an RTB world are in fact best positioned to address these challenges.

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