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  • Is The TV Business Ready For Ad Ratings? by Dave Morgan (Media Insider on 08/04/2022)

    Folks, my apologies. This is a terrible column that I wrote too fast and did a very poor job making my points. We should not have run it again.Please see the comments from its original publication where I tried to explain it better. promise not to ever write such a poor column again and waste your time.Dave

  • 5 Stories In The World Of TV, Streaming More Important Than Netflix by Dave Morgan (Media Insider on 07/07/2022)

    Ed, very good points. For sure, buying CW isn't like buying CBS in its headday, but I do think that its a big step as we see the local broadcast companies build out national programming brands and national distribution.I very much agree on the 'alt measurement movement' function, though not because it's newsworthy, but because I, like you, see Nielsen holding their dominant position as the core premium video currency once NielsenOne is in full release. However, I do think that the 'alt' players will build some very interesting businesses in deeper measurement of audiences, attribution, attentiveness, etc.And yes, we need much more talk about the unique effectiveness of TV. It is the story that is not in the press, but should be.

  • Future Of CTV Ads: All About Yield, Relevance, Reach, NOT Real-Time Bidding by Dave Morgan (Media Insider on 06/30/2022)

    Gabe, I agree. While I didn't get into the detail, I do believe that CTV today is being undersold and is too releiant on resellers. I do believe that it will be better sold than linear. Your point, though, is a very good one. We are at risk of TV sellers falling into bad habits and not selling CTV better than they sell linear.

  • Past Cannes by Dave Morgan (Media Insider on 06/23/2022)

    Andrew, thanks for the kind words. Hopefully, part of the ethical improvement of the ad industry will be the adoption of transparency across the media and production supply chain. It is not only lacking, but a big contributor to misalignment among market participants.

  • Past Cannes by Dave Morgan (Media Insider on 06/23/2022)

    Thanks JIm! Your posts on this topic were a big part of my inspiration to write the column. The role of our industry is too important not to try to find a better way to gety our business done without creating enviornments that run counter to the very people that we should be working for - the brands and the public.

  • Is The TV Business Ready For Ad Ratings? by Dave Morgan (Media Insider on 06/09/2022)

    Jack, yes. I think that metrics like attentiveness and effectivenss will drive price, but the transactions for linear and streaming TV will be impressions for a long time going forward. I don't know any other way to drive a scaled $85 bilion US spend category ($65B  linear & $20B CTV) any other way and have any sense of comparability, stability, etc.

  • Is The TV Business Ready For Ad Ratings? by Dave Morgan (Media Insider on 06/09/2022)

    Ed, it is only an impression number, just like legacy ad metrics, and doesn't speak to attentiveness. My point is that we have a broad, averaged impression/expsure number today that represents the currency and it can and should be made more accurate. And, importantly, I don't see counting impressions better as mutually exclusive with adding attentitivess and effectiveness measures.

  • Is The TV Business Ready For Ad Ratings? by Dave Morgan (Media Insider on 06/09/2022)

    John,Very good points about attentiveness. While I belive that attentivess and effectiveness will become more important measurements, I doubt we will see them in TV & CTV for other than secondary promises in unique situations for premiums on top of normal CPM's.However, as far as measuring indvidual video ad niews, we do have guidance from teh digital video world. Facebook wanted credit for an vvideo viewed more than 0 (to get credit for video in news feeds that users scrooled by), and the industry rejected it, finally settling on 2 seconds, in most cases, though some require 6 seconds of viewing. Under any circumstance, now that it is possible to measure each TV ad view discreetly, I beleive that we should transact that way, and get rid of averages that inlcude content viewed other than the ad in question.

  • Is The TV Business Ready For Ad Ratings? by Dave Morgan (Media Insider on 06/09/2022)

    Ed, very good points. Yes, the local quartrer hour have plenty of variabiilty between the ad and content viewing numbers.And I totally agree that ad effectiveness measures will become an increasingly bigger part of the picture, but I don't see that as mutually exclusive to more granular measures on the ad exposure itself and getting rid of any averages that also include content viewing.

  • Is The TV Business Ready For Ad Ratings? by Dave Morgan (Media Insider on 06/09/2022)

    Jack, Ray, yes. I didn't craft this piece very well. I should have pointed out that plenty of deals are done on six minute block average, which frequently show the same level of deviation between the ad minutes and the content minutes, but they're not being done on actual ad exposure. Certainly a big issue is that Nielsen's AMRLD is minute by minute, not second by second, but that data can be released at the second level (probably will be part of NielsenOne, I hope) and for sure many of the new callengers have their data avaiable at that granularity. I should not have made the point of the column only about average rpogram ratings (of course, in Canada it's still about average season ratings in many cases) since the six minute blocks show plently of deviation. My point is that we can now meausre at the ed exposure level and we should make that the default and move away from any averages that include content viewing.

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