• Smart Home Security Cameras Vs. Holiday Package Thefts
    The potential theft of holiday packages may be a driver for an increase in the sale and installation of smart home security cameras.
  • Smart Footwear Tracks Steps And Heats Feet
    A French company is now launching an advanced version of smart heating insoles, with an integrated thermostat so temperature can be regulated by smartphone.
  • Holiday Shoppers Turn To Tech-Powered Purchasing
    Millennials are at the forefront of a shift in holiday shopping, as 60% plan to use laptops or PCs, 55% plan to use mobile devices, and 17% plan to use voice assistants.
  • World's First AI News Anchor Debuts In China
    Artificial intelligence is being used in a new way to report the news, in the form of an AI news anchor just introduced in China.
  • 85% Of Black Friday Week Shoppers Plan To Buy Tech
    Smartphones and TVs tied for the top item consumers plan to purchase, followed by portable Bluetooth speakers, video game consoles and laptops.
  • Global Smartphone Shipments Slowing
    The bad news for the global smartphone market keeps coming in. Worldwide smartphone shipments fell by 7% last quarter, the fourth consecutive quarter of decline and the worst third quarter since 2015, according to a new tally by Canalys.
  • 44% Of Amazon Go Shoppers Return To Store
    As more retailers add payment technologies that allow shoppers to skip checkout lines, all eyes are on the state of Amazon Go. The Amazon Go approach monitors both products and shoppers with varying types of sensors, allowing shoppers to place items in their pockets or purses to be automatically charged after they leave the store.
  • Walmart Launches AR Price Checking
    The nifty twist in the Walmart AR approach is that the pricing can be seen in real time as you wave a phone from product to product.
  • AT&T Connects 24 Million Cars; Automakers Add Networked Services
    As of the third quarter of this year, AT&T had 24 million connected cars in 200 countries on its network. It has another 3 million connected fleet vehicles.
  • How Much Extra Consumers Would Pay For 5G
    As new Internet of Things technologies enter the market, the typical first question is what the product or service will cost. Even more significant is the amount consumers are willing to pay.
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