• Just An Online Minute... Keyword: "IPO"
    As Google prepares for its initial public offering sometime early next year, it apparently doesn't have to convince Microsoft Corp. of its long-term value.
  • Just An Online Minute... marthastewart.com
    It isn't just the offline world where Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia is having trouble.
  • Just An Online Minute... Best of the Net - Online Ad Campaigns
    And the winner is ... up to you. Media Magazine is conducting its second annual Best of the Net - Online Ad Campaigns issue in December. We're asking our readers to help nominate the campaign they think is the best they've seen in 2003.
  • Just An Online Minute... Conversion Rates
    Online advertising conversion rates aren't just about immediacy. That's one of the findings of a new study released Tuesday by Advertising.com. It's based on an analysis of 370 million impressions served for three separate advertisers via the interactive advertising network's Optigence platform.
  • Just An Online Minute... Online Fundraising
    Politicians have found a way to monetize the Internet. Now a new study finds evidence that charities could see better results with online efforts if security and privacy issues could be resolved.
  • Just An Online Minute... The Making Of The Governor -- Online
    Arnold Schwarzenegger used more than his global celebrity status to secure the office of Governor of California. Aside from the omnipresent media coverage, Schwarzenegger's team also capitalized on an Internet and email voter outreach program, the effect of which surpassed all expectations.
  • Just An Online Minute... Pogo Schtick
    When pondering the anti-spam bill that's winding its way through Congress, a line from Walt Kelly's seminal comic strip Pogo comes to mind.
  • Just An Online Minute... An Expanding Universe
    Who says the Internet has reached its peak? Even though there are many signs that the growth of the Internet population is slowing, it managed another milestone this week: There are now 150 million Internet users in the United States, according to comScore Media Metrix.
  • Just An Online Minute... Local Auto Advertising
    A new report portrays the battle for online automotive advertising as a race that newspapers and dedicated Internet sites are winning at the expense of TV.
  • Just An Online Minute... DoubleClick Gets Rich
    When DoubleClick executives look to the future, they hope it will be a rich one - rich media, that is. When the company released its third-quarter earnings late last week the news was good. DoubleClick's revenues were $74.8 million compared to $63.5 million in the third quarter of 2002. But the real story wasn't what DoubleClick saw in the businesses they were in but what might happen in years to come after it launches its new DART Motif.
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