• Just An Online Minute... Socializing With The Social Media Stars
    Tuesday evening found me running through Times Square like a tourist, even asking a cop for directions to the Marriott Marquis before he pointed right in front of me. I hate Times Square so much. But there was a party and a bar that needed emptying, so I did my duty as a hard-hitting party reporter and showed up.
  • Just An Online Minute... Exploring All The Meanings Of 'Get Served'
    Last Friday night, I deviated from my usual routine of ordering Thai food, turning off my phone and watching "SVU" and instead smeared on some makeup and headed over to the W on Lex for the Get Served event after-party sponsored by The Daily and The Macallan. I was supposed to go to the event itself -- the opening of the Vanderbilt Tennis Club in Grand Central Station -- to smack a few balls around the court, but I frown on all sports that don't take place in bars, so I declined the invite and just showed up for the ...
  • Just An Online Minute... An Unnaturally Glamorous Wednesday Night
    I'm always amazed at how great girls look after work when I go to parties. I usually show up with my hair tied on my head, tired eyes and a less-than-fresh attitude, so I don't know why I was so surprised when I showed up at the launch for new jewelry line chloe + isabel to find every girl there (except me) looking bright and happy, with perfect hair. It was, after all, a fashion-y event.