• Just An Online Minute... It's The Final Countdown!
    Today is mixed emotion Monday! Much like the events in this column, it's a bit up and down. Why the mixed emotions? Why the first paragraph drama? Step inside, dear loyal reader, and see what I've got for you.
  • Just An Online Minute... Digital DUMBO Enters The Terrible Twos
    Last night Digital DUMBO celebrated their 2nd birthday at The DUMBO Loft, sponsored by Carrot Creative.
  • Just An Online Minute... Most Chilled Out Event Of The Year, Pants Optional
    Today's party was insane. White stuff EVERYWHERE, guests without pants (some without any clothing at all!), sharp weapons hurled angrily, and the venue was constantly changing. It was like an around the world party, only it was centered in a lovely pocket of Manhattan where every step was at your own risk, the soundtrack was provided by strange wet squeals, and everyone's moods were elevated - even the children! It must have been the white stuff. It HAD to be the white stuff.
  • Just An Online Minute... Confess To Yoxi Your Digital Addictions And Help Others To Recover
    Last night I headed down to the Bowery/Lower East Side area of Manhattan, packed tightly with cabin fever. If you're in NYC, you're tired of the weather -- and if you're not in NYC, you're tired of hearing about the NYC weather. I'll put a positive spin on it and say I welcomed the opportunity to bundle up and go for a nice 20-minute walk from my home office into the city darkness. This place has sizzling corners in the face of any weather or trappings of the clock, which is why I love this column so much - I ...
  • Just An Online Minute... The Macallan Gets Art And Celeb Crowd Drunk On Photography
    How do I even start? Last night was such a roller coaster ride through art snobs, art freaks, turtleneck aficionados, free-drink fans, celebrities, blast-from-the-past reality-show favorites, and brushes with greatness (I'm looking at you, Tina Fey's assistant), wild risky haircuts, leopard-print pants, sky-high stilettos, and weird food, my fingers are getting tangled trying to lay it all out for you. It was all part of the clever and eye-feeding campaign for The Macallan, a single-malt Scotch whisky, where master photographer Albert Watson captured the real-life journey of The Macallan cask. <
  • Just An Online Minute... The Best Books That Give You The Business
    Every year, it's the same thing. I promise myself I'll read more. "Be more well-read," I tell myself, standing in the pizza section of the grocery store. This year I decided to expand my reading promise to include taking down my "I don't need other people to tell me how to do things" wall. You know, the one that's resistant to what I like to call "Business Self-Help" books. The "Be the flower you see in the ad" sort of books. When I got the invitation to cover the 800ceoread Annual Business Book Awards party, it was like a sign.
  • Just An Online Minute... This Week: Whiskey, Women, And Words
    "Wine, Women, and Song" is one of my favorite Harvey Danger tracks. If I tweak it a little bit, it is also the background music to my week: whiskey, women, and words.
  • Just An Online Minute... Army Of Quirky Characters Answer The Gideon's War Call To Arms
    When I was younger, my dreams of adult life were fueled by Mad magazine, Sweet Valley High, Stephen King, Sassy, "Melrose Place," Garfield, and a dash of Sylvia Plath. I thought the penultimate glitzy big-city party experience was a magazine party, packed with coked-up, fainting with hunger models, sexually ambiguous photographers, skinny, cig-smoking editors, struggling actors, hangers-on, buffets of caviar (thanks, Big), and big publishing power suits. The reality is, it's not 1980, and book parties are where the characters roam. Not necessarily the characters described above.
  • Just An Online Minute... MEDIA Magazine Hosts Night Of Courage, Genius, And *GASP!* Emotion!
    What a great crowd last night at the MEDIA Agency of the Year award show. The snow was already piled up in chunky white walls around sidewalks, with Crocodile Hunter slush pools taunting pedestrians at every curb. Did this keep the cocktail- and mini-food-loving media crowd away? Hell, no! In fact, they not only represented, but they came early!
  • Just An Online Minute... Minorities In Media Get Wicked And Wail
    I stared out the windows during OMMA Agency of the Year with trepidation. Where was the snow? Would I get caught in it later? Did I want to tempt fate in my not so practical suede boots in order to cover the Minorities in Media party at Wicked Willy's? I grabbed my hearty Ohio "I've walked to Taco Bell in Lake Effect Snow in sneakers" sensibilities around me and darted off into the quickly chilling NYC darkness.
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