• Just an Online Minute... Round Tables for Grown-Up Parties
    Remember the good old days of dot-com parties? After the crash, it seemed like there was nowhere for an online ad pro to schmooze. Well, the reality is that parties have simply grown up, much like the industry itself. From riotous bashes with booming music and Ru Paul, to elegant and sophisticated dinner soirées.
  • Just an Online Minute... Super Bowl Recall
    Gator the company may be shrouded in controversy (and please don’t get me started on the subject), but Gator’s evaluation of the effectiveness of two of Super Bowl's major sponsors, Pepsi and Cadillac, on SuperBowl.com is worth reporting.
  • Just an Online Minute... Search Helps Satisfaction
    If you’re still on the fence about using search engines for ad purposes, here’s a bit of research you might find useful.
  • Just an Online Minute... View-Through Rates Up
    DoubleClick Inc. today announced results of its Q4 and full year 2002 Ad Serving Trend Report based on more than 630 billion ads from clients, and the data reveals the continued effectiveness of online advertising, in terms of planning and creative.
  • Just an Online Minute... Closer to the Action
    Don’t worry. I won’t talk about the game. I probably shouldn’t talk about the commercials either, because, sadly, there isn’t much to talk about, but I wanted to go on record with my picks before I turn to serious issues like online war coverage and newspaper site revenues.
  • Just an Online Minute... Two Success Stories
    It’s not often I get to write about advertising success stories, and the timing of these is perfect for a feel-good weekend sendoff.
  • Just an Online Minute... Super Sites
    If there’s anything about the Internet we know for sure it’s that the web will be a popular destination during Sunday’s big game, regardless of the score.
  • Just an Online Minute... Super Bowl Searches
    It looks like it’s all about researching football and beer online these days, which shouldn’t surprise anyone with less than a week left before the Super Bowl.
  • Just an Online Minute... The Great Spam War
    This morning, 19 leading email service providers announced the formation of a coalition to fight spam. According to the announcement, the group will work to “find solutions to the spam problem and protect the appropriate use of permission-based email as a marketing and business communication tool.” What's the plan?
  • Just an Online Minute... Non-Profits Online
    First off, what in the world was Lara Flynn Boyle thinking last night? I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the only positive effect of her outrageous outfit is that the next press release most likely to cross my path will be from E! Online, thanking the actress for boosting its site traffic with that terrible tutu thing. I suppose that’s good news for chat room sponsors everywhere.
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