• Just an Online Minute... What's a Digital Media Universe?
    A few interesting things to report on today. First off, Nielsen//NetRatings yesterday announced they’ll be tracking the entire Digital Media Universe starting in Q4, providing the industry with “the most comprehensive view of Web and digital media usage.”
  • Just an Online Minute... Money and Weather
    Another week -- another set of web traffic numbers proving that the web is an essential procrastination tool for office workers.
  • Just an Online Minute... Measuring Campaigns Across Channels
    Despite the sagging economy, many companies plan on investing in technology solutions to help them measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.
  • Just an Online Minute... Online Ads Lead to Offline Sales
    DoubleClick Inc. has been busy researching all kinds of things in the last few months, and yesterday released a second study in as many days, this one highlighting the fact that online advertising is the most cost-effective advertising medium for driving incremental sales.
  • Just an Online Minute... Email Wisdom
    Here’s a shocker: DoubleClick Inc. yesterday announced results of its second quarter Email Marketing Trend Report, which indicates that marketers “need to continue to effectively target offers and carefully clean their lists to maintain performance.”
  • Just an Online Minute... Money and the Mob
    If you’re watching web traffic patterns like I am, last week should come as no surprise to you. It’s all about the Forbes Top Ten Richest List and, of course, "The Sopranos".
  • Just an Online Minute... Real or Fake?
    A majority of U.S. Web users are able to tell the difference between permission-based email marketing and spam, suggests a new poll.
  • Just an Online Minute... Too Much Email!
    I have bad news. Jupiter Research yesterday released a report predicting that consumers will receive unwanted email with increasing frequency in the coming years and that by 2007 the average email consumer will be exposed to more than 3,900 spam messages annually.
  • Just an Online Minute... TV vs. PC
    The lines between television and Internet media continue to blur, according to comScore Media Metrix, which yesterday reported that 48% of Internet users regularly watch television and have a television and PC in the same room.
  • Just an Online Minute... The British Are Streaming
    In case you’re wondering how the streaming radio industry is doing, it looks like the British have the upper hand.
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