• Just An Online Minute... 16 Candles Make A Lovely Digital Light In DUMBO
    Why haven't I gone to Digital DUMBO for the past four or so events? I'd like to say it's the nature of event and party coverage -- too many things to choose from in one night -- but truthfully, sometimes it's pure island laziness. Symptoms include the annoying wail-bark of "But I don't want to go all the way to Brooklyn!" All the... shutchyoormouth. As I waited for the L, which I take to the F, which plops me on York Street, I felt that tickle in my belly, a feeling similar to the anticipation of reuniting with long-lost friends.
  • Just An Online Minute... Drag Queens And Booty Shorts! Must Be A Tremor Media Party!
    You know that nightmare where you get an invitation to a party -- and it's a theme party where everyone will be in costume, so you go to Forever 21 and cry in the dressing room because everything makes you look like an overweight eight year old? And then you nearly wrestle for the last polka-dot dress in your size at Filene's Basement and then agonize over shoes, and then 80% convince your friend to go in sexy pjs as her costume, only to find out that it looks like you're the only one that got THAT memo? Yeah. Want ...
  • Just An Online Minute... Cynthia Nixon And Jodie Foster Among Stars Honoring NYWIFT's Designing Women
    This is my third go at covering New York Women In Film and Television's (NYWIFT) Designing Women awards. Every year I meet new cast of characters and celebrities that remind me how quirky the entertainment industry is and how privileged I am to encounter these budding producers, directors, costume designers, and artists. Last night, a warm and sultry New York evening, did not disappoint.
  • Just An Online Minute... Where Can You Find Sex, Women, And Charity In This Town?
    This week I'm endurance training for Internet Week (also, Dr. Freud would love that I typed in "Intervention Week" first. Would that be Freud? Anyway.). A girl's gotta work those smile lines, those expressions of interest for when someone says "I have this great prototype! You type a sentence into a window" *pauses, looks around for information brokers* "...and you send it... to everyone!", and mini food avoidance strategies in preparation for one of the most boozy, banter filled, big ideas (or just big mouths) weeks of the summer. How am I cross-training in the off season? Here, let's run ...
  • Just An Online Minute... Party At Madhouse! BYO Strait Jacket
    Our house, brickhouse, Madhouse. Guess where I was on Tuesday night? I was at a Tiki party up there yonder on the hill of Madison and 39th ish. I've become addicted to "9 By Design," (because really, I need more TV to watch) so now every time I set foot into a unique NYC space I compare it to the show. The Madhouse and Mediatronica digs could also use a zip line up to the Empire State Building. Read on, friends!
  • Just An Online Minute... Mashable Nests In New York
    This past Thursday I made the trip down to 92Y Tribeca for Mashable's party celebrating their new NYC Headquarters and their new hires. Just like your first day at work, right? Champagne, open bar, crostinis with delicious toppings, and tequila shots!
  • Just An Online Minute... Jet Blue Can Take You There, But Brugal Rums Brings Punta Cana To You!
    If you live in a big city like New York or anywhere near a college town (poor things!) then you already know that St. Paddy's Day is the original amateur night - the night where underagers try to get served (but pre-party to barf status before heading out to try), suburbanites stream in through bridges, tunnels, and tracks, and those who ordinarily stay in their studio apartments talking to the walls decide to come out and "be Irish for the night!" Cinco De Mayo runs a close second, with the day after turning into a dodge-the-regurgitated-tortilla-pile gauntlet. This is why ...
  • Just An Online Minute... If The Sombrero Fits...
    I am hat-dancing in my seat today. Why? Because it's the happiest day on earth, Cinco De Mayo, the sun is shining, the humidity is taking a friggin' break, and we're alive! Today I'm heading to one of my favorite venues, meeting a new batch of agency types, and tomorrow I'm apparently helping to celebrate the new NYC headquarters of a certain Webby Award-winning online pub hub. Let's see if you'll be there!