• Just An Online Minute... Blogads And Perez Hilton Sip Ninja Cocktails
    Last night BlogAds hosted "Cocktails With Perez" at Stone Rose in Columbus Circle. A lot of changes have been going on at Chez Perez, including a more positive blogging experience (AKA no pervy drawings on photos, no overt bullying, etc). It seems that the pink blog that has dished the dirt and the occasional upskirt is growning up, adding verticals, and becoming more advertiser-friendly. Is Perez Hilton selling out? Maybe. Does he care what you think about that? Doubtful.
  • Just An Online Minute... Marie Claire Awards Women On Top [oh hush]
    Let's talk about the elephant in the room. No fatty joke intended. I have been a fatty. This column has made me a fatty as well. If you don't read Marie Claire blogs, you have no idea why they hell I am talking about fat or my shower routine. If you do read Marie Claire blogs I imagine it's because you're a young girl inside, or you're doing it for research. Either way, it sort of took over the Twitter trending topics (not sponsored!) and invaded my brain as I settled into the Marie Claire Women On Top Awards luncheon.
  • Just An Online Minute... adMarketplace Is The Meat Butter To Your Search Marketing Roast
    I sat down in the L as the doors closed behind me. With a warm Patrón XO Café-scented sigh, I settled in for my trip to 3rd Avenue, digging deep into my sack for my phone excited to get another golden egg on Angry Birds. What the... my hand was a flurry in the bottom of my sack, unable to land on the familiar form of my phone. Worse, I couldn't find my purple Ecosystem notebook, which was nearly full of shopping lists and notes on party people. My heart sank with the revelation of two things: Potentially everyone at ...
  • Just An Online Minute... Glenfiddich Tests Sea Legs, Battles Hudson River Chop
    Imagine if you will, a grey Manhattan afternoon/early evening. And in this evening there existed a boat, docked along the Chelsea Piers, reachable only by wobbly floating dock. And imagine if you will a wind, a wind that whips the green Hudson seas angrily, causing you to trip not once, but twice, expensive camera equipment dangling precariously over a floating raft of Bud Lights and Poland Springs bottles. And imagine, seriously, if you will, taking off your shoes and joining a small group of other socked feet on a yacht to sample whiskey costing upwards of 2,000 bucks a bottle. ...
  • Just An Online Minute... The Day A Hot Dog And A Stick Of Butter Humped My Leg In Front Of Scarlett O'Hara
    >When I checked my gmail Friday night to find a forward from Alyssa Galella of M Booth & Associates containing the details of the Tompkins Square dog run's annual Halloween Dog Parade, I knew two things immediately: 1, Alyssa is not only a hard-working PR type, but is, was and always will be my #1 resource for cuteness alerts, events, and news. And 2, my head was about to explode.
  • Just An Online Minute... A Hairy, Tattooed, Metal Cookbook Party. No, Really.
    Some mornings I wake up, walking to living room/family room/common room/only other room in the house beside my bathroom and bedroom, and my ears are met with what I like to call "Metal Breakfast" - Saturday and Sunday morning cartoons are replaced with VH-1 classics' "Metal Mania" and a DVR'd "That Metal Show." A certain bald creature is usually planted in the couch, flailing away at the air drums. I have a feeling that the sproingy-bearded, dangling-goateed, long-locked (or no-locked), black-T-shirt wearing, devil-horn throwing crowd I was surrounded with last night for the launch of "Mosh Potatoes," "the heaviest cookbook," ...
  • Just An Online Minute... I Was Asked Not To Reveal The Location, Is That Odd?
    Last night, I have no idea where I was. I may have been at a location that is one of the oldest literary clubs in the U.S. But I may not have. I may have been at a club whose dress code has a strict policy against turtlenecks and tracksuits and the ever-popular open-necked shirt. But then again, maybe I wasn't. If an event occurs, but the nightlife event reporter is asked not to mention the location because the club is weirdly exclusive like that, does that mean the event itself doesn't exist?
  • Just An Online Minute... Ain't No Party Like A Powerpoint Deck Party Cuz A Powerpoint Deck Don't Stop!
    Buddy Media's Joe Ciarallo is good at PR. He doesn't gush obscenely about how awesome you, you and you are -- so you never have reason to question his sincerity. I mean, we can't all be awesome, can we? He's even-keeled, not easily riled, so he appears to have everything under control, and when he says something, it's hard not to take him at his word. Oh Joe, you suckered me into a non-party.
  • Just An Online Minute... Odd Acts, Lots Of Dust, And No Sir Richard Branson At Virgin Mobile Freefest
    I love lists. I love buckets of things. That's why my life is one huge clump of categorized things to do, things to think about, things to remember, things to forget, things to think about later, things to put away, things to throw out. Things. Lists. Buckets. Assume that things get forgotten or misplaced or, let's just say, intentionally paused and then rediscovered sporadically. Like this little write-up of Virgin Mobile Freefest.
  • Just An Online Minute... Meebo Rewards Their Teams With Amnesia
    I forgot what Meebo was. I mean, I had heard of it years ago, but I'm one of those old school AIM users from back in chat room days (I would just mess with people). Now I'm a gchat kind of girl, where I've merged my AIM ID because the standalone client has too much swizzly crap on it, which slows down my laptop. If I was at IBM, I'd probably still be using Lotus Sametime. Which means Meebo might be a solution to my too-many-chat-clients problem. Because that's what Meebo does, bring all of your little bubbles together. And ...
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