• Just An Online Minute... A Robber, A Furry, And A Digital Shop Walk Into A Bar...
    Before social media channels like blogs and podcasts and microblogs and vodcasts and lifestreams and stop-motion sleep streams coined the phrase "oversharer," I was an oversharer. But people just called me inappropriate then. The Internet is just one giant Photoshop bloat tool, expanding oversharing to outrageous proportions. Last night's digital DUMBO had nothing to do with oversharing, but the end of today's column sure does.
  • Just An Online Minute... DROIDS And Humanoids Celebrate Motorola At Morimoto
    It's always fun to see who brands see as "influencers," or at least the kinds of people who will blather goofily about how they were at this swank party at Morimoto, aren't you jealous. It's also fun to look around and see so many different types of people. I'm talking model types, gossip-mag types, nerdy types, photog Nazi types, Brussels types, wind-up robot types, crazy weirdo types. They were all there last night. This mish-mosh of characters would inflate and deflate like an untethered weather balloon in the Colorado sun throughout the night with one constant: sassy music and high ...
  • Just An Online Minute... What Do Books, Vitals, Zombie Hamburgers, And Morimoto Have In Common?
    What's this Ad:Tech thing I keep hearing about? Last year I had a "press pass" but didn't really use it for anything. I covered parties, of course, because that's what pays the bills, but nothing really indicated that it was a week different from any other. I must not be a tastemaker either, because no one ever tried to bribe me with free tickets in exchange for tweets+coverage. Heehaw. Either way, this week is thankfully gentle compared to the social mudslide next week. One bacchanal focuses on the afterlife and whether you'll burn or eat fluffy cottage cheese.
  • Just An Online Minute... And In the Center Ring, Ethics And The Online Journalist!
    Covering advertising and media, I'm assaulted with ethical quandaries on the daily. Well, they're not quandaries to me because my self-enforced ethical guidelines read something like this: don't be an ass, and don't make MediaPost look like they breed asses. Sometimes I slip, because I'm human, and these slips are the gunshots in the air that get me back in line with the rest of the chain gang. Walk with me, talk with me, I want to dissect some potentially ethically vague situations that have two sides, as every situation does, that may slow your pointy finger of judgment or ...
  • Just An Online Minute... ADC Whips Out Their Young Guns, Starts Shooting
    I love when I have the opportunity to not only splash myself with a little culture juice, but to also share these moments with you. Drink heavily, my friends, from the cup of the Art Director's Club (ADC) and do not fear the stereotypical connotations of such a club. Yes, the room was big enough for everyone's egos, and if they were huge, you wouldn't know it, but maybe that's because last night's event honored those young whippersnappers: the up-and-comers whose claws are only now being sharpened.
  • Just An Online Minute... Committing White Collar Crime At Thomas Pink
    If it weren't for the last minute, think of all the things that wouldn't get done. Wait for it....There.... OK, you got it. A serial procrastinator, I have subscribed to that idiom since birth. Some call it lazy like the eye I was born with, some call it pressure addiction. There is nothing like feeling the burn of a deadline, killing that deadline and eating it for dinner. On the other side of the coin are decisions, and sometimes those last-minute decisions yield the greatest rewards. In this case, my last minute decision to attend the "White Collar" party at ...
  • Just An Online Minute... No One Will Be Tortured, Strangled, Or Abducted For Reading This
    How would you define courage in journalism? Is it insulting strangers through various social media tools? Is it the guts to post passive-aggressive tweets? Is it live blogging the news? Is it live blogging anything on TV? Or is it continuing to work, sometimes without pay and with an empty stomach, sometimes after being tortured and jailed, sometimes after having your throat slashed to silence you -- and most often, after continuing to be a target of your government because you want to give the voiceless a voice and tell the truth? Please, please pick the right one.
  • Just An Online Minute... Is The Corporate Mouthpiece Evolving?
    Hold onto your rears, people, I've done something today that I haven't been able to do in months, maybe even years. I got up early and made it to a breakfast event not only on time, but EARLY. Mind you, I have no problem getting up at 4 a.m to go fishing, yet it takes the will of 80 million eyelid elves to rouse me for a panel on corporate communications.
  • Just An Online Minute... October Events Are Tricky, Treaty, And Sometimes Meaty
    I had great intentions of heading to Connecticut this weekend past to enjoy the 'burbs and do fun for the soul stuff like pumpkin picking, getting claustrophobic in corn mazes, and going for big walks in the woods. I don't know if any of you poor souls were also planning on getting some fresh air in your lung cavities, if not, let me sum up this weekend in two words: trench foot. It bone soaking rained the entire weekend. Which is great for testing out one's ability to avoid bed sores on one's parents' couch, but not so good for ...
  • Just An Online Minute... Monty Python Reminds Us That Twits Were Twits Before Twitter
    Monty Python for me is a symbol of my awkward "no clue who I really am" high school experience. My "love" for the Pythons began as a fa├žade -- I'd watch my intense, all-encompassing crush, mouth all the words, and renact scenes at Band Camp with the rest of the tenor sax section. I'd pretend I wasn't embarrassed when they'd do the bit from The Ministry of Silly Walks. Because that's teenage, pimply love, my friends.
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