MAD London
Wednesday, February 26, 2020
  • Digital Ad Impression Quality Dips In Q4

    After trending downward throughout 2019, so-called "problematic" ad impressions spiked again in the fourth quarter, according to the latest edition of Confiant's Demand Quality ... Read the whole story

  • Malvertising Levels Down In 2019; IBVs Petering Out

    The overall level of malicious and low-quality programmatic impressions is down vs. 2018, and in-banner video ads have plummeted over the past eight quarters, ... Read the whole story

  • 61% Say Pace Of Change In Technology Is Too Fast: Study

    A majority of employees are worried about job loss due to automation, according to a new global study by Edelman. Read the whole story

  • SharpEnd Teams To Scale Interactive Bottle Caps

    The London-based "agency of things" has signed a strategic partnership with a manufacturer of closures for spirits and wine and a pioneer in connected ... Read the whole story