Marketing Daily
Wednesday, July 30, 2008
  • Marketing To Kids: FTC, CBBB Weigh In With Reports

    [Food] While the actual long-term impact on issues such as childhood obesity will require monitoring and study, it appears that major food and beverage ... Read the whole story

  • Painting Ourselves Into A Corner

    We called it the Golden Age of Television not only because of the great writers and larger-than-life personalities who migrated from radio into it ... Read the whole story

  • Best Buy Seeks Consumers' Inner Rock Star

    [Retail] "We're really looking to create musicians," the spokesperson says. While marketing plans will include Best Buy inserts, "there will also be marketing customized ... Read the whole story

  • Enerpulse Launches New Ads Focusing On Fuel Savings Factor

    [Automotive] As company research showed more people were buying the Pulstar plugs for fuel economy reasons, performance took a back seat to gas savings ... Read the whole story

  • Starbucks Cuts Jobs, Realigns Management

    [Restaurants] The beleaguered company on Tuesday announced that it will cut 1,000 jobs. One of those is chief operating officer. In an announcement made ... Read the whole story