Marketing Daily
Friday, November 19, 2010
  • Audi Launches IPad App For Flagship A8 Sedan

    "It allows us to tell a deeper story you couldn't tell with a brochure," Audi's Jeri Ward tells Marketing Daily. "We have seen study … Read the whole story

  • Who Obtains Sports News Online?

    Top 10 DMAs in which reside adults who used the Internet to obtain sports news/information in the last 30 days: 1 Austin, TX 2 … Read the whole story

  • Survey: People Prefer Neutral Vs. Pharma Sites

    There is a "clear disconnect" in how pharma companies communicate with their patients, Accenture's Tom Schwenger says. "Companies need to reevaluate their marketing campaigns … Read the whole story

  • General Mills Focuses On Marketing Efficiency

    One current emphasis is on reviving Progresso soup growth -- in part through "taste-focused" consumer marketing, such as the new "You Gotta Taste This … Read the whole story

  • Study: Put A Face On Those Social Sites

    Social media are more relationship based. Therefore, they need much more nurturing and personalization than other approaches. "You have to abandon the corporate mentality … Read the whole story

  • Korean Air's Emily Cho: Travel Can Be A Pleasure

    Korean Air marketer Emily Cho was in New York on Thursday to bend an ear about the carrier's first global ad push since 2007. … Read the whole story