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Wednesday, March 14, 2012
  • Toyota Plays 'Game Of Life' For Prius C

    Toyota is doing something that few, if any, automakers have tried: the company is introducing its newest Prius car to Gen Y consumers by ... Read the whole story

  • Mobile Has Disrupted Marketing. Now What?

    Our world is becoming freer, with consumers increasingly on the move. As a result, marketers need to change up their game to make their ... Read the whole story

  • Ads Starring CEOs: What Makes Winners, Losers?

    Among the 13,000+ TV ads assessed by Ace through consumer surveys and proprietary scoring methods since January 2009, Ace's database showed just 76 CEO-starring ... Read the whole story

  • Infectious Meow Mix Jingle Returns

    Half of respondents recall most, if not all, of the lyrics to the catchy tune. In addition, 81% of respondents claimed to have heard ... Read the whole story

  • Marketers Lag Behind In Data Collection

    "We've seen an increase in the amount of data, but we are not yet using it effectively," David Rogers, executive director of BRITE, Center ... Read the whole story

  • Gen Y Shoppers Want To Share, Boomers To Save

    No matter how old a person is, getting a great deal on a good product is nice. But a new survey from Brodeur Partners ... Read the whole story