Marketing Daily
Tuesday, October 30, 2012
  • Hot Pockets' Viral Snoop Dogg Video Keeps Rollin'

    "Pocket Like It's Hot," a tongue-in-cheek video by Snoop Dogg and friends for Hot Pockets, featuring a remix of his hit single "Drop It … Read the whole story

  • Pharma Jumps On Social Media Bandwagon

    More than 50% of leading pharma companies expect social networking, online video and other types of digital marketing to grow in use as critical … Read the whole story

  • Activision Goes Big For 'CoD: Black Ops 2'

    In addition to Downey, Jr., who upstages a man with two tanks by having a Harrier jet, the spot also features cameos from other … Read the whole story

  • Scion Looks To Motivate Creative Entrepreneurs

    Toyota's Scion division is extending its "What Moves You" campaign with an effort that offers a leg up to artists, musicians and young creatives. … Read the whole story

  • Study: Consumers Ever Fussier About CSR

    Whether it's The Body Shop's "Beauty with heart" positioning, Timberland planting trees, or Starbucks hawking its Fair Trade brew, companies are spending more money … Read the whole story

  • The NBA Gets In Character With 'Hoop Troop'

    The new effort features five animated basketball-themed characters who will appear online starting on Monday and later at events and on TV. The characters … Read the whole story

  • Burger King Ups Marketing, Makes Demo Inroads

    A top Burger King executive said the company's efforts to use marketing to reach different demographic segments continues to be effective, bringing in more … Read the whole story

  • It's Political Season - Where's The Remote?

    Candidates should embrace the new rules of marketing that brands are championing today. If politicians embraced effectiveness over tonnage, I'd argue they could be … Read the whole story

  • Consumers As Brand Marketers

    Given the new world of co-creation branding where consumers set the rules and marketers need to facilitate rather than dictate brand culture, marketers should … Read the whole story