Marketing Daily
Monday, March 17, 2014
  • Goodyear Says, 'Go Ahead, Name My Blimp'

    Emily Cropper, Goodyear marketing manager, tells "Marketing Daily," "We have had blimps for almost 90 years and ... the new blimp and design shows ... Read the whole story

  • Gen Y Is Just A Different Kind of Brand Loyal

    "They are looking for something a little different than their parents," Glenn Humble, Adroit's director of marketing, tells "Marketing Daily." "They use different criteria." ... Read the whole story

  • Dannon Commits to Reducing Fat, Sugar

    Dannon is making the announcement at Friday's PHA summit in Washington, D.C. First Lady Michelle Obama, honorary chairwoman of PHA, which works with the ... Read the whole story

  • Sony Powers 'Second Son' To Top Tier

    "What we found [when asking about the game franchise] is that gamers saw it as a good game, but not as a top-tier game," ... Read the whole story

  • Huntington Bank Challenges Competition

    "We're using humor to challenge the consumer's complacency with their own banking relationship," David Clifton, Huntington Bank chief customer and marketing officer, tells "Marketing ... Read the whole story

  • Mazda Looking For A Few Good Virtual Racers

    Mazda has a solid reputation in racing, particularly with its MX-5 Miata sports car and its Mazdaspeed performance sub-brand. And it has one of ... Read the whole story

  • Beyond Your Wildest Streams, Part III: Creeping Social(media)ism

    Not only is FunnyorDie a media company that sells advertising against socially generated page views, it is a production company/studio that makes comedies for ... Read the whole story