Marketing Daily
Tuesday, May 23, 2017
  • Fashion Brands Suiting Up For 'Wonder Woman'

    The most highbrow event is likely to be a charity auction scheduled for June 7 in Paris. Proceeds from the bash are to go … Read the whole story

  • Smirnoff #LoveWins Bottles Feature Real LGBTQ Couples

    The brand's efforts to drive awareness of the bottles and associated contest include promoting them on its social media channels and outreach through LGBTQ … Read the whole story

  • Research Leads Coravin Down New Path To Customers

    With a new focus on casual wine enthusiasts, primarily made up of women, the maker of a wine preservation opener is launching its first … Read the whole story

  • Overall Experience Drives Loyalty Program Satisfaction

    The average consumer belongs to 14 loyalty programs (up from 9 three years ago), but satisfaction levels have remained steady, according to Bond Brand … Read the whole story

  • Size Matters: Universal Promotion For New 'Mummy' Film Includes Giant LA Sarcophagus

    The structure was officially unveiled during "The Mummy Day" festivities this May 20, where the film's star Tom Cruise, his co-stars and director Alex … Read the whole story

  • To Thine Own Self (And Thy Customers) Be True

    Brands can't let themselves get out of sync with customers' actual experiences lest the market start to turn its proverbial back on them. Read the whole story