Marketing Politics Daily Editions for June 2016
Marketing Politics Daily - Thursday, June 30, 2016
Data Guru Nate Silver Gives Clinton 79% Chance Of Winning Presidency
Ad Targeting The Complex, Consequential Hispanic Vote In 2016
Cable News Network Viewership Up, Not Surprising For Election Year
Donald Trump: "I Like Waterboarding A Lot"
The Brexit Vote: What It Is Ain't Exactly Clear
Democratic Group Prepares Donald Trump Research To Unload
#HeterosexualPrideDay Should Totally Be A Thing, No, Really
Trump Sends Campaign Emails to Politicians Overseas
Reap What You Sow -- UK Papers Will Be Hit Hardest By Brexit Ad Slump
Clinton Aide Revealed Frustrations With Private Email Server
British Reactions In The Aftermath Of Brexit
Facebook Demotes Publisher Content In Newsfeed
Bill Clinton Took Private Meeting With Attorney General During Hillary's Email Investigation
Elizabeth Warren Has Issues With Google, Apple, Amazon
Chris Christe May Have Used Personal Email Account for Work New Documents Suggest
Senator Wants To Regulate Internet-Connected Cars
Facebook Prevails Against Belgian Privacy Commission
UK Consumer Confidence Slumps
Marketing Politics Daily - Wednesday, June 29, 2016
Trump Campaign Goes Conventional
Airbnb Seeks To Block New San Francisco Law
RNC Unveils Theatrical Convention Stage Where Trump Will Accept Nomination
July 4th-Themed Email Campaigns Are Less Engaging
NRA To Run $2 Million Pro-Trump Ad Focused On Benghazi
Democratic Party To Release Platform Document
Trump Email Encourages Voters to Indict Clinton
New Emails Raise Questions About Clinton's Defense in Email Investigation
Murdoch Praises Brexit Vote, And Donald Trump
AT&T Lobbyist Backs Clinton
DMA Assures UK Email Marketers Their Voice Will Still Be Heard In Brussels
What Can U.S. Media Owners Learn From Brexit?
DHS May Add Social Profiles To Visa Waiver Forms
Marketing Politics Daily - Tuesday, June 28, 2016
Trump, Clinton Ads Take Aim At Each Other
House Benghazi Committee Releases Final Report
From One Second To Five. EU's Parting Viewability Gift To Brexit Britain?
3 New Top Hires For Trump Campaign
Droga5 Launches Petition To Make The World British Again By Reclaiming The Web It Invented
Clinton Understands Voter Hesitation, Wants To Earn Trust
Senator Fights Bill That Would Allow FBI to Access Email Metadata
Trump Raised $3M From First Campaign Email
Petition Calls For The End Of Misleading Political Ads
What Threat Could Brexit Pose To Internet Companies?
AA Calls For Post Brexit Self-Regulations And E-Cigarette Advertising
Appeals Court May Soon Decide Whether AT&T Will Face Class Action Over Slowdowns
Cambridge Analytica; Kyle Smith and Kyle Thomas
Marketing Politics Daily - Monday, June 27, 2016
Brexit Fallout Could Illustrate Dangers Of Populism To American Voters
UK Newspapers Backed Brexit By Huge Margin
Clinton Holds Double- Digit Polling Lead Over Trump
Starving The Watchdogs
Anti-Trump 'Advance Team' In Cleveland To Prepare Convention Shake Up
Facebook Live Has Big Week On House Floor
Clinton Uses Trump's Brexit Reaction In New TV Ad
Got A Brexit Plan? Hold Up Your Hand. If Not, Carry On Panicking!
More Uncertainty LIkely -- But Is There Upside To U.K.'s Exit From The E.U.?
More TV Cameras Everywhere: Will Consumers Need To Be Their Own TV Editors/Producers?
Jeep, Disney, Levi Strauss, Ralph Lauren, Ford Named Most Patriotic Brands
60% of Trump's First Campaign Emails Landed in Spam Folder
Government To Talk With UK Business Groups On Brexit Implications
Quarter Of Business To Freeze Recruitment
Marketing Politics Daily - Friday, June 24, 2016
Corey Lewandowski Hired By CNN As Political Commentator
#NoBillNoBreak: Social Media Propels Debate On Gun Legislation
Brexit Repercussions: Markets Roil, Marketers Toil To Reassure Stakeholders
Bernie Sanders Will Vote For Hillary Clinton In November
Searches Predicted Britain Would Vote To Leave EU
Social Media Failed To Predict #Brexit
Trump In Scotland Celebrates Brexit
Brexit -- Where Are We Now? Could Scotland Now Rival London?
Periscope and Facebook Live Capture Congressional History
Brexit -- It's Business As Usual For Email And GDPR Compliance
State Department Turned Off Spam Filters When Clinton's Emails Were Blocked
Senate Votes Down Bill That Would Have Let FBI Access Email & Search Records Without a Warrant
White House Threatens To Veto Budget Bill That Includes Anti-Net Neutrality Provisions
Google Searches Soar For 'Buy Gold' As UK Votes For Brexit
Newspapers Struggle To Reflect Momentous News Of Brexit Vote
Brexit Decision Hurts Media Stocks
Industry Reacts To Brexit, Will London Remain Europe's Ad Capital?
Clinton Gains Obama's Email Juggernaut
Marketing Politics Daily - Thursday, June 23, 2016
Senate Races Heat Up With Cash Infusion
Speaker Ryan Turns Off C-SPAN Cameras During House Sit In Over Gun Control
New Pro-Clinton Digital Ad Targets Young Voters
Rubio Changes Mind: Will Run For Reelection In Florida
Clinton to Tap Obama's Coveted Email List
FCC Democrat: Proposal To Unlock Cable Boxes Has 'Real Flaws'
No, NRA, Smith & Wesson Aren't Gifting Guns To Poor People
Clinton's Server Was Temporarily Without Security Software in December 2010
Petition Calls For Daily Mail's Paul Dacre To Be Sacked Over Immigration Headlines
CHIRLA Action Fund Seeks to 'Turn Ignorance Around'
FTC Fines InMobi $950,000 For Collecting Location Data From Children
Vice Bows International Content Deals
German Tabloid Woos Brits With Promise To Drink Tea, Supply Bond Villains
Marketing Politics Daily - Wednesday, June 22, 2016
Clinton Campaign Shifts Into High Gear, Convention On Horizon
After Axing Campaign Manager, Trump Makes New Hires
Trump Earns Media: Will He Then Create It, With Own Cable News Network?
Sanders Raked In $15.6 Million In May
The Crazy Story Behind That Payment the Trump Campaign Made to 'Draper Sterling'
Trump Should Look to Sanders to Learn Email Marketing
Airbnb CEO: Young People Will Reject Walled Nationalism
Judge Reigns In Clinton Email Lawsuits to Avoid Duplicative Discovery
More Young People Get News From Social Than TV
Trump FEC Filing Shows Payment To Nonexistent Ad Agency
Microsoft Turns to Recent Supreme Court Decision to Support Its Fight Against U.S. Gov
FCC Pushing For Higher Speeds For Internet Of Things
Yvette Cooper Reports EU Referendum Death Threat Tweet To Police
FCC Urged To Ban Premium Pricing For Privacy
Marketing Politics Daily - Tuesday, June 21, 2016
Clinton Far Outmatches Trump In TV Advertising, Campaign Apparatus
Trump Spent $1 Million In May Reimbursing His Family, Companies
Clinton, House Democrats To Meet On Wednesday
Trump Sends First Campaign Email
Senate Continues To Allow People On Terror Watch Lists To Buy Guns
Clinton's Former IT Aide to Testify
How 'Platforms as Publishers' Could Threaten Journalistic Ethics
10 Most Memorable TV Moments From Presidential Conventions
Marketing Politics Daily - Monday, June 20, 2016
Trump Misguided: Doesn't Think He Needs To Spend On Data
Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski To Part Ways With Trump Campaign
A TV Star Runs For President: Our Year Of Living Trumpily
Clinton Campaign Releases First General Election Ad
What Goes Up Must Go Up
$3 Million From Charles Koch To Help Senate Republicans
Trump Pushes Urgency in Campaign Email
Why Marketers Still Can't Figure Out Their Data
AG Promises to be Impartial in Clinton Email Investigation
Papers Decide On EU -- Mail On Sunday Is In, The Sunday Times Is Out
Parliament Considers Social Media Investigator After Jo Cox Murder
Marketing Politics Daily - Friday, June 17, 2016
Conservative Groups Test Various Ad Strategies
China Orders A Halt To iPhone 6 Sales After IP Ruling
Former GOP Convention Sponsors Decide To Sit 2016 Out
Verizon Users Want To Continue Privacy Battle With Turn In Court
Political Dollars Will Be Directed To PMPs Vs. Programmatic Guaranteed
Barry Goldwater Would Be Appalled By Trump, Says Widow
Obama Trades BlackBerry For Samsung Galaxy
Oprah Winfrey Endorses Hillary Clinton
Eighth Grader's Hilarious Graduation Speech Going Viral
Marketers Must Pray For A Remain Vote To Prevent A Service Exodus
One In Three Young Social Media Users Are Influencers
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