Marketing Politics Weekly Editions for August 2021
Marketing Politics Weekly - Monday, Aug. 30, 2021
Trust In News Outlets Falls To Recent Low, Especially Among Republicans
Trump Seeks Court Order Forcing YouTube To Restore Channel
Apple Has Scanned iCloud Emails For Child Sexual Abuse Content Since 2019: Report
Why Did The Advertiser Cross The Road?
Artificial Lack Of Intelligence
Facebook Prevails In Battle Over Housing Ads
OOH On Its Way Up, Place Exchange Data Shows, eMarketer Confirms
Advertiser Can't Proceed With Class-Action Against Facebook Over Demographic Targeting
Google Battles New Mexico Over Attempt To Revive Claims Of Students' Privacy Violations
Court Confirms 1-800 Contacts' Antitrust Victory Against FTC
Marketing Politics Weekly - Monday, Aug. 23, 2021
Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube Make Separate Rules On How To Address Taliban Content
The Talibrand, New And Improved
2022 Midterm Ad Spending Projected To Hit $8.9B
Comscore Teams With NewsGuard To Thwart 'Misinformation' Ad Buys
Public Willingness To Restrict Online Freedom Is Worrisome
Nexstar Acquires 'The Hill' For $130 Million
Twitter Tests Feature That Lets Users Call Out Misinformation
Study Indicates Ads Placed In News Media -- Especially Print -- Outperform Social
Pope Francis Stars In Ad Council's Latest PSA For COVID-19 Vax
Study: Outrage On Social Media Can Push Political Moderates To Extremes
'Newsweek' Launches Geo-Political Podcast Series Hosted By Ex-Trump Envoy
Michael Moore To Publish Newsletter With Substack
Facebook Reports Content Improvement, Concedes 'There Is No Perfect Here'
Facebook Squelched An Earlier, More Negative, Content Report
FTC Bulks Up Antitrust Complaint Against Facebook
Facebook Critics Cheer FTC's New Antitrust Case
Congress Seen As Fastest Route To CBD Expansion
Rachel Maddow's Court Victory Bodes Well For Right-Wing Media
Fox News Media Requires Workforce To Report Vaccination Status
Marketing Politics Weekly - Tuesday, Aug. 17, 2021
For Whom The Buck Stops
Google Fights Ohio AG's Attempt To Impose Common Carrier Rules On Search
Lawmakers Question Facebook Over Shutdown Of NYU Political Ad Research
Big News This Morning: The Utterly Predictable Collapse Of Long-Term Media Perspective
Texas City Urges Supreme Court To Reinstate Curbs On Digital Billboards
Facebook Allows Republican Fundraising Ads Falsely Linking COVID Surge To Migrants
Climate Change, Pandemics, Terror Attacks: Focusing On What Really Matters
Bill Would Require Google, Apple To Allow App 'Sideloading,' Outside Payment Systems
American History Can't Be Buried