• Beaconing Joins the Mobile Path to Purchase
    Beacons continue to find their way into more parts of the mobile shopper journey. While they can excel at triggering relevant information to a consumer at a specific location, beacons also can provide actionable insights well away from the little transmitting device. One of the times information gleaned from a consumer passing by a beacon can be used is after the fact, as I wrote about here earlier this week.
  • October Mobile Shoppers: 23 Minutes in a Store, 12% Left Within 5 Minutes
    While the holiday shopping forecasts are coming out fast and furiously, some insights may be gleaned from shopping trends compared to last year. During the last month, more people were near stores, more of them went in and more of them stayed longer, based on the latest in a series of monthly tracking studies.
  • Post-Beaconing Begins; Location Info Captured Now, Used Later
    Welcome to the world of post-beaconing. For many months, beacons have been going to work in the marketplace, at places like large retail stores and sports stadiums. Those beacons generally have been used to awaken an app in a consumer's smartphone and, via that app, provide deals, coupons or useful information based on location.
  • 51% Online Every Waking Hour, 82% Connect to Find Locations
    For mobile commerce, convenience is king. While convenience may mean different things to different people, it looks like one of the main reasons consumers connect. While consumers around the world go online for any number of reasons, there are four primary needs, based on a new study.
  • Holiday Shopping & Using Mobile to Compare Prices
    The price better be right for in-store holiday shoppers this time around. Among many other facilitations, mobile is providing more windows into product pricing and more shoppers will be peering through, based on yet another mobile shopping study. Researching and comparing store prices is near the top of the list of how shoppers will use their smartphones, according to the Online Insights study, comprising a survey of 786 U.S. adults conducted by Burst Media and Rhythm NewMedia.
  • Holiday Shopping: In-Store vs. Out-of-Store Mobile Behaviors
    Mobile shopping activity will be under many research microscopes this holiday season, all looking to measure the impact on online and in-store sales. While it's obvious that smartphones are used throughout the shopping process, I always find it interesting to see exactly where and how it's happening. Another in a string of holiday shopping studies came out his week that again showed some of those indications.
  • Beacons Rolling into the Market by the Thousands
    While beacons themselves don't really do a lot, they're going to cause a lot of things to be done. Aside from the misplaced perceptions that beacons will cause consumers to be bombarded with unwanted ads as they walk through stores, the little devices are starting to be used for simple services. The process is somewhat like the flow of rolling out mobile payments. The technology has to be deployed and installed and then the particular system has to be turned on or activated, along with staff training.
  • Lord & Taylor Goes All In on Beacons; Urban Outfitters Launches
    The beacon tidal wave is growing. Following a successful three-month trial of beacons in several of its stores, Hudson's Bay Company (HBC), which owns Lord & Taylor and Hudson's Bay, is rolling out beacons in all of its U.S. and Canadian stores.
  • Adding Mobile Payments to the Restaurant Menu
    While various approaches to mobile payments continue, the questions remains if there will be a primary driver. It's not like consumers have been waiting with baited breath for years to be able to replace cash and credit card payments by using their phone.
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