Online Media Daily
Tuesday, October 25, 2005
  • Yahoo! Adds Original Adventure Content

    Yahoo! has added globe-trotting author and director Richard Bangs to its growing stable of content producers. Read the whole story

  • Click/Counter-Click: Are You Walking The Rich Media Walk?

    We all read study after study that proves that consumer engagement drives increase awareness, recall, purchase intent and elements of response and conversion. So ... Read the whole story

  • AOL Hawks Instant Messenger To College Students

    America Online has launched its first ad campaign for AIM, its popular instant messenger service. The campaign will run online and in outdoor ads ... Read the whole story

  • WB Cartoons Resurrected On Web

    Some of the WB's most famous cartoons, including shows featuring Bugs Bunny, Catwoman and Batgirl, have found new homes on children's Web sites. Read the whole story

  • 24/7 To Sell Pre-Roll For Roo Video

    Online video provider Roo has tapped 24/7 Real Media to sell in-stream advertising, the companies are expected to announce today. Roo and 24/7 will ... Read the whole story

  • Weinstein Names Deep Focus Agency Of Record

    Burgeoning production firm Weinstein Company has tapped Deep Focus to oversee online promotions of all upcoming films, including "Sin City 2," "Young Hannibal" and ... Read the whole story