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Wednesday, July 23, 2008
  • Yang Upbeat Despite 2Q Profit Erosion

    In a conference call Tuesday discussing the tumultuous quarter, Yahoo Co-founder and CEO Jerry Yang acknowledged the impact of the economic downturn on the ... Read the whole story

  • Making Sense Of The Ad Network Craze

    Let's face it, the rapid growth of video ad networks is creating confusion among publishers when it should be creating opportunity. Read the whole story

  • Gamers: They're Not Who You Think They Are

    SAN FRANCISCO -- While gamer demographics and targeting potential have long been defined by the medium that they play on--i.e., hardcore gamers play shooters ... Read the whole story

  • Giant Realm Expands Into Movie, TV Sites

    Entertainment portal/ad network Giant Realm today is expected to announce several new exclusive rep deals with online communities focused on television and movies, Online ... Read the whole story

  • Downloadable Content Is Key To In-Game Advertising

    SAN FRANCISCO -- Downloadable content that modifies or expands games is also a perfect vehicle for advertisers and media buyers, giving them the flexibility ... Read the whole story

  • In-Game Advertising Requires Realism, Of A Sort

    SAN FRANCISCO -- Advertisers are notoriously cautious about the contexts in which their brands appear, but this runs counter to the logic of in-game ... Read the whole story

  • Embarq Didn't Notify Subscribers About Test

    Responding to a Congressional inquiry, Internet service provider Embarq said it revised its privacy policy more than two weeks before conducting a test of ... Read the whole story

  • LinkedIn Links Up With

    LinkedIn has struck a deal with The New York Times that will let members of the social network see recent stories related to their ... Read the whole story