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Monday, May 14, 2018
  • Meredith Reports Increased Scale, Growth, Revs Up 50%

    Total company revenues from continuing operations for the third quarter were $649 million, up from $425 million. Meredith also reports a portfolio of titles … Read the whole story

  • 'National Geographic' Ranks As Top Brand On Social Media

    In total, National Geographic had more than 1.6 billion actions (reactions, comments, shares, retweets and likes) across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in 2017. Read the whole story

  • 'The Economist' Introduces New App For Subscribers

    The app, called "The Economist," has been "designed to improve the digital reading experience with the aim of building long-term value for subscribers," according … Read the whole story

  • Facebook Reportedly Developing Cryptocurrency

    The creation of a unique cryptocurrency would allow Facebook members to make purchases with retailers that advertise on its platform, and enable advertisers to … Read the whole story

  • Facebook's New Third-Party Data Restrictions May Be Bittersweet For Advertisers, Consumers

    In cutting access to third-party data vendors, Facebook will make it more difficult for brands and marketers to create personalized advertising for different consumer … Read the whole story