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Tuesday, July 23, 2019
  • Google Chrome Browser Update Stops Paywalls From Blocking Incognito Mode Visitors

    Now, in "Incognito Mode," cookies and visited sites are not saved. Sites will not be able to track how many articles a visitor has … Read the whole story

  • Architectural Digest's 'Clever' Partners With Urban Outfitters On Artist Series

    Each artist was chosen based on the kinship between their work and the Clever aesthetic, with bold design, sustainability and accessibility considered foremost. Read the whole story

  • iHeartMedia, Pride Media Produce LGBTQ+ Podcasts

    The partnership kicked off with the launch of "The Outcast" last Thursday. Coproduced with Out magazine, the iHeartRadio original podcast will be hosted by … Read the whole story

  • 'NYT' To Debut 'Diagnosis' Doc Series On Netflix

    The show, which features seven episodes, is based on Dr. Lisa Sanders long-running column for the outlet about medical mysteries. Read the whole story

  • Emerging Tech Is Coming To The Newsroom

    As consumers become more sensitive to where they get their news and what constitutes "fake news" versus a trusted source, emerging technologies are a … Read the whole story

  • Zagat Reborn

    It wasn't that long ago that the name Zagat meant the foodie bible. Then, in a flash, it was gone -- seemingly beyond repair. … Read the whole story

  • You Can't Win For Losing Under GDPR

    Sprint Education suffered a one-time data breach, but quickly turned it around. Meanwhile, 30% of firms still are not compliant with GDPR. Read the whole story