Search & Performance Marketing Daily Editions for January 2015
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Jan. 30, 2015
SciNet Search Engine Introduces 'Interactive Intent Modeling'
Google's Big Gamble To Lure The Super Bowl Online
Google AdX Leads RTB 'Trust Index' To Begin 2015
DoubleClick Tech Guru Jumps To HookLogic
Facebook Tests Mobile Beacons
Facebook Test Adds Place Tips To News Feed
Mobile Websites Chosen Over Apps for Shopping
Unilever Selects Omnicom's PHD, Resolution Media For Global Search Duties
Mobile Commerce Fraud Rises
Mazda, GMC, Volvo Get Their Own Super Bowl Tickets
Digital Engagement Index
Netmining, TVTY Sync Digital Ads With Super Bowl Spots
Kayak Serves Search Results For Travel To Cuba
Google Adds Locale-Aware Features For Search
UltraViolet Video Ad Slams NFL Over Domestic Violence
Twitch Surpasses 100M MAUs
Study Finds Mobile Clicks Leading to Sales
Clorox Turns to Mobile Receipts to Increase Sales
USAA Adds Facial Recognition to App
Fast-Forwarding To Get To The Ads? Only After A Certain Game
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Jan. 29, 2015
Google Reports Clicks, Cost Per Clicks On Ads Fall In Q4
From The Bench To The Quarterback: How Search Helps Brands Score
Inaccurate Data Flooding An Industry Still Looking For Answers Through Attribution
YouTube To Create 'Talkable' Second-Screen Moments With Super Bowl Live-Stream Halftime Show
The Real Reason Google Glass Failed
Microsoft To Invest Minority Stake In Alternative Android App Co. Cyanogen
Google Publishes 3 Programmatic Resolutions
Mobile Contributes Almost Half of Retail Search Activity
Dentsu Appoints Horler To New U.S. CEO Post To Focus On Growth
UltraViolet Video Ad Slams NFL Over Domestic Violence
90% Of Marketers Think Personalization Is The Future
A Top Super Bowl Ad We All Hated
Amazon Debuts Email Service
Tumblr Backs Long-Form Content, Mobile Messaging
Microsoft Debuts Outlook iOS & Android Apps
Hopper, Backwards: Dish Service Allows Replay To Skip Super Bowl, Only Show Ads
In Pre-Bowl Spot Lexus Touts RC F With RC (Radio-Controlled) Cars
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2015
Google's Waze Real-Time Reporting App Criticized For Tracking Police
Search On Yahoo's Radar, But Will It Become A Cash Engine?
Digital Marketing New Hires Will Need Technical And Creative Skills
Walmart, Other Brands, Retailers Cozy Up To Search Marketing Leading Up To Super Bowl
8 Ways To Repurpose Your Content For Increased Visibility
Yahoo To Spin Off Alibaba Stake, Reports Earnings
Mobile Contributes Almost Half of Retail Search Activity
Pinterest Expands Promoted Pins, Enhances Brand Presence
Companies That Take Social Media Security Lightly Won't Be Able To Hack It In 2015
Owned, Earned And Native Have Arrived -- Have You?
What The Mobile Tipping Point In Search Means For Marketers
Apple Ripe To The Core: Reports $18B In Net Profit
Digital Engagement Index
Apple Adds Maps Feature for Businesses
Mobile Fraud Projected to Increase
Hulu: Viewability Focus Led To More Ad Spend
Hackers Stole $215M From Businesses Using Email Scam in the Last 14 Months
How Facebook Is Trying To Unlock The Money In Online Video
300 Hours Of Video Per Minute, Terrorist Propaganda Flooding YouTube
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2015
Smartphone Revenue Share Rose 125% In Q4 2014
Casale Media Rebrands To Index Exchange To Support Growth In Programmatic
Tagga Debuts Tout Score For Brands To More Accurately Measure Engagement, Target Campaigns
Adobe Report Suggests Media Buys More Effective On Certain Days Of The Week
Facebook's New Sales Model Offers Conversion Lift
Snapchat Launches Media Platform Discover
Conde Nast Launches 23 Stories For In-House Native Ads
New Vivaldi Web Browser Appeals To Power Users
Virtual Vs. Real-World Communication Rising
Forecast: Global Ad Spend Slows, Highest In Emerging Markets
Google Fiber Rabbit Expanding To More Cities
Microsoft's 2014 Revs Up 8%, Expects To Improve Ad Game In 2015
Twitter Delivers Group Messaging, Rolls Out New Mobile Video Camera
SproutLoud Taps Telmetrics To Offer Call Analytics
Valentine's Day Spending To Hit Record $19 Billion
Digital Engagement Index
What Are UTMs And How Do I Use Them?
Why More Connectivity Is Not Just More, But Different
Facebook Referral Traffic Soars
Smart Glass Adoption Will Grow In Business, Public Sectors
3 Mobile Marketing Resolutions To Maximize Your Impact
WikiLeaks Angered That Google Shared Its Data With the FBI
What Will Yahoo Do With Its Alibaba Stake? Answer May Arrive Today
Facebook Downplays FBX, But Touts Real-Time Super Bowl Targeting
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, Jan. 26, 2015
Microsoft CEO Nadella Stepping Up Innovation Through Cloud, Search, Social Services
Apple Inventor Steve Wozniak, Still A Kid At Heart, Reflects On Apple's Past, Present And Future
Facebook Audience Network vs. AdSense: A Battle Royale Brews
Consumers Say Ads Are Now Less Informative About Products
Top 7 Things Nobody Will Miss When The Internet Disappears
Car Owners Like Connected-Vehicle Features, But Only 30% Have Them
Privacy Concerns Spark Government To Revise Health Insurance Site
Super Bowl Teams Kick-Start More Social Buzz Than Other NFL Teams
Mobile Payments: Tap to Pay vs. the Credit Card Swipe
Creative Hijacks Agency Hashtags On Instagram To Score An Interview
Digital Engagement Index
Mobile Seen As Key Driver of Commerce
WikiLeaks Complains Google Notification Of Passing Government Emails Came Two Years Late
YouTube Forcing Artists Into "Music Key" Service
AOL Ready To Drop Axe On Sales Staff
Social Site Muslim Face To Eliminate Offensive Content
Virtual Vs. Real-World Communication Rising
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Jan. 23, 2015
Google's Schmidt Tells Us The 'Internet Will Disappear,' Microsoft Bing Defines What That Means
Facebook Desperately Tries To Prove Itself To Search Marketers
What To Do If Your Target Audience Hates You
Microsoft Acquires Revolution Analytics With Focus On Predictive Analysis
Watch Out Gen Y, Gen Z Is Nipping At Your Heels
Anti-Piracy Group Sides With Miss AG Against Google
Brands Missing Their Chance To 'Get' Us
YP Bows Cross-Device Retargeting
Affluent Travelers Tougher For Marketers To Reach
Digital Engagement Index
Two-Thirds Of Mobile App Developers Sell Programmatically
Facebook Makes Big Pitch For Super Bowl Ad Dollars
New Content Push From Snapchat, Tumblr Show A Growth Dynamic
Does Pinterest Really Need More Men?
Twitter Tells Big Hitters To Use Its Own Photo Tool, Not Instagram
How Google Glass Bust Is Good For Google
How To Validate Content Before Creating It
Ford Opens Silicon Valley Innovation Center
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Jan. 22, 2015
Microsoft Unveils HoloLens, Readies Next Phase Of Interactive Advertising With Holographs
Cxense Tech Lets 3D Interactive Images Run In Browsers
Think Google Will Just Get A Slap On The Wrist From The EU? Think Again
Google Slips In Q4, Gives Up Search Market Share To Bing, Yahoo
Retail Search Intent For 2015 And Beyond
MediaCom Takes CMA Best In Show For Pennzoil's Mario Karting
Solving The Empowered Mobile Shopper
Google, Viacom Prevail In Video Privacy Battle
Shocase Launches New Social Net For Marketing Professionals
Analytic Partners, Keller Fay, Converseon Team To Integrate Social, WOM
Microsoft Somehow Manages To Make Google Glass Look Subtle
comScore's Inventory Packages Blend Programmatic, Direct
Do Consumers Trust Search Engines More Than Traditional Media?
Mirum Management Team Taking Shape
SAP Shows Its Might In Cloud Services
Digital Engagement Index
Google Reportedly Will Become Virtual Mobile Network Operator
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Jan. 21, 2015
Industry Applauds Obama's State Of The Union Focus On Digital Concerns, Country Favors Taxing Wealthy
Do Consumers Trust Search Engines More Than Traditional Media?
Datanyze Builds Browser-Base Lead-Generation Tool That Identifies Email Addresses
CPG Brands Getting Better At Building Cross-Category Relationships With Online Shoppers
Retail Search Intent For 2015 And Beyond
Apple Buys Music Analysts Startup Semetric
Google Football-Related Searches Spike Leading Up To Super Bowl Wedding Site Capitalizes On Data To Serve Native Ads
Shazam Raises $30M At $1B Valuation
Closing The Gap Between Targeting And Performance
Consumers with Wearables Will Share Info, Says Survey
SpaceX Confirms Google's Investment, Giving It A Slight Ownership Stake
Rapid Commerce Growth Forecast
OTA Releases Guidelines On Privacy Assessment, Best Practices
Google Says FTC Settlement For In-App Purchases Requires Dismissal Of Class-Action By Parents
MediaMath Taps Integral For Media Measurement
Ad Exchange Smaato Launches Mobile Ad Server
Brands Fail To Keep Up With Rising Expectations
Digital Engagement Index
4 Things CPG Marketers Should Put In This Year's Strategic Plan
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2015
IAB Study: Programmatic Tech, Data Remain Daunting Challenge Marketers Will Overcome
A $1 Billion Google Investment In SpaceX Would Make Internet Access Available Via Satellite
The Future of Campaign Management Software ISN'T Campaign Management Software
comScore Launches Video Metric Platform
Twitter Buys Mobile Start-up ZipDial
Think Social's Over-Hyped? Don't Worry, It Isn't Just You -- And The Data Can Prove It
Meredith To Raise Allrecipes Rate Base To 1.1M
42% of Shoppers Would Share Mobile Info for Text Messaging
Obama Online: Much Ado About Nothing?
Facebook Reduces News Feed 'Hoaxes'
Mobile Attribution Firm AppsFlyer Raises $20M In Series B Round
BrightRoll Streamlines Analytics Reporting
MediaMath Taps Integral For Media Measurement
Google Continues To Dog Microsoft With Windows Bugs
Samsung Brings In Design Head With Apple Connection
Marriott Hotels To Carry Netflix, Hulu, Pandora
Mobile Commerce Passes Desktop in Market
Ford Testing Beacons for Dealers
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, Jan. 19, 2015
Seahawks And Patriots: Microsoft Bing Predicts Bittersweet Victory
Search Has Its Head In The Cloud And Hands In Reducing Global Warming
Del Monte Experiments With Content Marketing
Think Social's Over-Hyped? Don't Worry, It Isn't Just You -- And The Data Can Prove It
Short-Form Video Forecast To Hit $13B By 2020
LAFF Debuts On Katz Broadcasting
Follow The Mangled Bag: From Social Meme To Cross-Platform Campaign
Omelet Cooks Up Campaign For Gardein
It's Time To Face Some Advertising Truths
Q&A: How Income Predicts Honesty
BBC News Revamps Web Site, App
Do Streaming Video Services Threaten The Video Ad Market?
Google Glass Goes Back To The Drawing Board
Virtual Mall Targets Mobile, Desktop International Shoppers
Google Looks at Buying Mobile Payment Company Softcard, Says Report
Google Rumored To Be In Talks To Acquire Softcard
Apple Cuts Off Crimea Developers
How To Identify Consumer Behavior In Google Analytics
Amazon Studios Goes Into The Theatrical Film Biz
Mobile 'Moments' Demand A Different Metric
The Exaggerated Help-Wanted Ad
Marketers Claim to Be More Mobile Than We Might Think
Getting Sold On Twitter Selling
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