Search & Performance Marketing Daily Editions for October 2015
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Oct. 16, 2015
Don't Be Creepy: A Weird Thing Happened On My Way To Remarket
Airbnb Charges Clients To Run Google Search Ads
Improvements To Google DoubleClick Search
Ad-Blocking Horse Leaves; IAB Closes Barn Door
Harley Quinn Dominates Halloween 2015 Costume Search Queries
The Lead-Gen Strategy That Increased Paid-Search Revenue
Google Defeats Authors Guild In Battle Over Book Scanning Project
Google AMP: Impact On Publishers
Demystifying Location Tech: It's Not Just About Location
Yahoo Favors Mobile With New Email App, Shares Rise
How Google Rewards Republishing
Publicis.Sapient Launches Artificial Intelligence Practice
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Oct. 15, 2015
Yes, Google Records Voice Searches, But Here's How To Delete Them
Google's Spinoff Niantic Raises $20 Million, Expands Augmented Reality Gaming Platform
When Roll Is Called Up Yonder, Will Ad Data Collection Fall On Side Of Angels?
Fantasy Football DraftKings, FanDuel Fail To Link TV To Search
Creating A Customer Experience Cloud
IAB 'Leans' Into Ad Block Solution, Says 'We Messed Up'
Bing Tells You When Recipes Are Available With Images
Mobilizing The Optimization
Righting The Google Panda Myth
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2015
Digital Consumers 'At Least Two Years' Ahead Of Retailers
IAB Moves Into The Neighborhood, Releases Guidelines For Local Advertising
Kordestani Leaves Google For Twitter
Google Drops Chrome Desktop Notifications
Ryanair Wants Google To Prevent Other Companies' Use Of Its Name In Search Ads
Digital Publishers Cite Need For Improved Cross-Device Visitor Tech, Real-Time Signals
Yahoo Gemini Tips
Boomtrain's $12 Million Funding Will Further Personalize Ecommerce
Voice Assistants Like Apple Siri Become Latest Hack
PubMatic Reports On Key Mobile Ad Trends
Google Gets Web-Hosting Platform Divshot
Online Channel Is Key For CE Shoppers
Ad Blocking Will Lead To Native And Search Surge
Local Search: What A Difference A Year Makes
Beacons Could Boost Retail Sales
Axel Springer Blocks Ad Blockers in Germany
Holiday Shoppers Head to Store, Phones in Hand
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2015
How To Reverse Click-Throughs Lost To Google's Knowledge Graph
'Programmatic' Search Engine Ranks Sites Based On Actual Consumer Targets, Cost To Acquire Them
Stopping Ad Blockers: No Time To Waste
Long-Term Customer Loyalty, Engagement On The Decline
Are Atheists More Innovative?
Toyota Sponsors Live Music Performances On Yahoo
Other Options Beyond Responsive Design
Google Uses Neural Nets To Improve YouTube Thumbnails
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, Oct. 12, 2015
Context In Messaging Apps Creates One More Search Intent Signal
Google Joins $100 Million Investment In Symphony
Turn Wants Web Standards Group To Re-Think 'Do Not Track'
Dell To Acquire EMC For $67B, Along With 'Crown Jewels' VMware
Fledgling Yahoo Gemini A Factor In U.S. Paid-Search Slowing Ad Growth
At Publishers' Confab, Viewability and Ad Blockers Are Front And Center
Facebook Goes After mCommerce With Canvas
Email Marketers Invest In Social Media Ads For Greater ROI
Google CEO Pichai Chooses Executive Team
Google App Indexing Now Compatible With HTTP Deep Link iOS 9 Standards
Smart Objects, Wearables to Impact Daily Life Will Honor Do-Not-Track Requests
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Friday, Oct. 9, 2015
How To Break Down Data Silos In Mobile Apps
Former Women Googlers, Neuroscience Expert Build Prizma Video Engine
Fresh Google Ad Tech Brings New Dimension Of Relevance
Google Makes Investment In German AI Research Center
What Can Brands Do With Virtual Reality As It Gets Real?
ZenithOptimedia Acquires Performance Marketing Agency Frubis
Verizon Revises Behavioral Targeting Program, But Privacy Concerns Persist
Quantcast Teams With Data Providers For Audience Targeting
Red-State Algorithm Vs. Blue-State Algorithm
Google Fiber Delayed In Arizona
Beacons Used for Predictive Marketing
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Thursday, Oct. 8, 2015
Disney Accelerator Program Showcases Sports Stats Search Engine
Google Tells Retailers What They're Missing From Inventory
Google Becomes Registrant For Alphabet Domain Name
Publishers Get AMPed With Google, But Concerns Linger
Attribution, Keywords, Bids Cross Ecommerce, Ad Targeting From Search To Social
Design Tips For Optimized Landing Pages
Keeping Order In AdWords
Ad Blockers Be Damned - Display Is On A (Mobile) High
Google Sees More Than Half Of Clicks Coming From Mobile
The Real Strength in Deploying Beacon Technology
Google's Customer Match to Roll Out in the Next Couple of Weeks
Ad Blocking And Teen Engagement: Here's What Marketers Need To Know
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2015
Automotive Giants Meet To Further Standards For In-Vehicle Data
Microsoft Bing, adMarketplace Ink Search Deal Potentially Worth Millions
Nonvoice Mobile Time Growth Slows
Algorithms In A Post-App World
Google Accelerates Load Times For Mobile Pages
What Marketers Need In A Rank Tracking Platform To Keep Up
Why Ad Blockers Could Win the 2016 Election
Publishers Need Better Ad Tech To Compete With Google, Facebook
Portland Preps For Google Fiber
Connected Objects vs. Being Connected
Beintoo Partners With Tapad For Cross-Device Audience Extension
Google Domains Now Allows Custom Email Addresses
Microsoft's Outlook Web Application Threatened By Malware
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2015
Collective, 4A's Foundation Announce Bill Caspare Memorial Fund
Amazon Strengthens Its Position As First Search Destination
Consumers In The Wild
Civis Analytics Launches Media Optimizer For TV, Refines Media Buys
Adapt Or Get Blocked By Your Would-be Customers Steps Up Programmatic Path For Local Media Buys
Who's On FirstClick? ZenithOptimedia Acquires 'Biddable Media' Shop Down Under
Yahoo Wins Round In Text-Spam Battle
Adobe Unveils New Benchmark Tool
Search & Performance Marketing Daily - Monday, Oct. 5, 2015
Amazon, Bing, Google Product Ads Critical To Holiday Search Campaigns
Disney Finds Emotion Next Targeting Metric For Advertising, Marketing
Alphabet Leaves Behind Google's 'Don't Be Evil' Motto
FPD+RFM, FTW! A Column About Google's Customer Match
Cross-Channel Campaign Study Confirms Integrated Data Required For Success
Yahoo Expands Data Centers in Washington
Will Apple TV End Endless Search For Content?
Patent: Google Glass-Like Headset With Holographic Display
Affiliate Marketing Tips To Match Consumers Across Devices
Apple, Amazon, Facebook Gain Significantly In Brand Value
Holiday Campaigns Require Quick Mobile Search Response Times
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