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Thursday, March 3, 2011
  • Discovery's App Is 'Watching' TV, Social Media

    As networks look for more ways to enable conversations between their viewers, Discovery Channel is launching an iPad app with an "I'm Watching" button, … Read the whole story

  • Are We Approaching Hispanic Social Media All Wrong?

    Let's take a step back and think about why the Hispanic marketing industry exists. Hispanic marketing exists primarily for three reasons: Language, population size, … Read the whole story

  • The Nobler Side Of Social Media: Voices In A Choir

    Last week, I took social media to task for making us less social. This week, I'm in Palm Springs for TED Active -- and … Read the whole story

  • What Our Charlie Sheen Obsession Has to Do With Facebook #Winning Display Ads

    Oh, Twitterati. you are not as intellectual as you Sheen -- I mean seem. I've been appalled at the fact I've actually caught people … Read the whole story

  • Social Media Buzz Can Skyrocket TV Ratings

    Charlie Sheen's appearance on CNN is a study in social media's impact on TV. Once he began his screed, Web conversations lit up -- … Read the whole story