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Tuesday, November 12, 2013
  • Social Media: Big ROI For Big Companies

    Giant global brands are getting big payoffs from small social media plays on platforms like Twitter, Vine and Facebook. At a digital media conference … Read the whole story

  • Brands Missing Out On Audience Development

    As powerful as digital publishing exec Jeff Rohrs believes content marketing and social media can be, he kept noticing something odd: Lots of great … Read the whole story

  • Roku Sells Self-Gifting

    Roku is encouraging people to not forget the most important person on their holiday gift lists -- themselves -- in the brand's first video … Read the whole story

  • Marketers Struggling To Integrate Media Channels

    Integrating media seems too complicated, internal marketing teams are not set up to support multiple channels, and data isn't centralized. These are some of … Read the whole story

  • Are You There, Brand? It's Me, Vine

    There are so many haters of real-time marketing out there. Mike Proulx wrote about it as a predatory weed, Carree Syrek wants us to … Read the whole story

  • Professional TV Content Is Still King -- But Who's Next In Line For The Throne?

    On the day Twitter's initial public offering rocketed off the starting line, a number of TV and film content stocks -- Disney, CBS, Lionsgate, … Read the whole story

  • CEOpen Mouth, Remove Foot

    Not for no reason, corporate managers are terrified of social media. Dear God, what if someone out there says something false and damaging to … Read the whole story