• The Future Of Social VR Is NOT Facebook
    Facebook recently found itself in a bit of hot water regarding allegations that it was targeting sad teens at their most vulnerable for advertisers. And ever since the acquisition of Oculus by Facebook, there's been a general sense of concern that social VR, being dictated by Facebook, would necessarily end up dystopian. Fear not, because Facebook is utterly incapable of leading the charge in social VR.
  • AR Has More Potential Than VR -- But Where Is It?
    Nary a week goes by without new content being uploaded on social media regarding virtual reality. The same cannot be said about augmented reality, which has a an exponentially greater number of potential applications compared to its virtual cousin, but rarely steps in the limelight.
  • VR Gets Bloodied By The Law
    In the modern age, each new disruptive technology inevitably has a watershed moment: its first, incomprehensibly massive, lawsuit decision. Much as Android was dogged for years with decisions and appeals regarding the Oracle vs. Google lawsuit, VR firm and Facebook-owned Oculus was just handed down a judgement in the Zenimax lawsuit against it.
  • Cutting Through The CES VR/AR Fluff
    CES has taken place once again, and this time the two huge trends were voice integration (not our cup of tea for this column), and virtual reality. However, many CES promises in the latter category lack the substance for actual market impact, while others paint a clearer picture of where this industry is heading. Let's cut through the fluff.
  • Social VR Launches On Samsung Gear, Oculus Rift Next
    Virtual reality just went social -- and the first offering from a major player is coming to mobile-based VR viewers with immersive VR system support this year.
  • 63% In U.S. Say They Are Not Aware Of Virtual Reality
    Sales and public perception of virtual reality headsets have room to grow, with low levels of awareness among U.S. households, and lower-than-expected sales. A study from Parks Associates found that more than half (63%) of U.S. households say they are not familiar with or know nothing about VR.
  • Virtual Reality Headset Shipments Forecast To 61M
    Virtual reality and augmented reality seem to have a bright future, with AR and VR viewers expected to experience high growth numbers in the coming years. Over the next four years, global shipments of VR headsets will increase by more than six times and the number of AR headset shipments will increase by 150 times, according to new research from IDC. By 2020, VR headset shipments will grow to 61 million units globally, up from just more than 10 million units shipped this year.
  • Augmented Reality Tapped For Holiday Toys
    Consumers are about to get another marketing does of AR in toys this holiday season. For example, the NeobearMagnifier NEO is a hand-held magnifying glass designed to create AR viewing for children. Hologrid: Monster Battle lets players see monsters created by the animator of "Star Wars" in battle
  • Get a Feel For Oculus Touch
    Oculus, Facebook's virtual reality acquisition, just released its new Oculus Touch peripheral, more closely aligning itself with HTC's Vive from a control standpoint.I've previously lamented the lack of standards and unification in control formats for VR, and while there still is no formal standard, the similarity of the Vive's hand controls and the new Oculus Touch seems to be an informal parity developers can depend on.
  • Let's Talk About VR Porn
    It's hard to talk about the emergence of VR without talking about VR porn. So let's talk.
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