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Mickey D's Registers 'Maccy D's' In U.K., Goes Green In Germany

It's known as "Mickey D's" in some circles here; across the pond they evidently call it "Maccy D's." And now the American fast food chain that decidedly has not had a problem establishing its retail operations overseas (with perhaps the notable exception of Iceland), is moving to trademark the name at the British Intellectual Property Office. Maccy D's celebrated the anniversary of its 35th year in Britain just last month with a nostalgic campaign focusing on some of its best-known menu items.

In Germany, meanwhile, McDonald's is changing the red in its logo and signage to green in an effort to demonstrate its commitment to the environment, Spiegel reports. The hallowed golden arches will keep their color, however. "With the new appearance, we want to clarify our responsibility and relationship with natural resources," says Holger Beeck, deputy head of McDonald's in Germany.



About 2.58 million people eat at McDonald's in Germany every day but the article, as did many announcing the news, couldn't resist a dig. "Many in Germany associate McDonald's with obesity and litter," it says. "But the company is now trying to change its image -- by changing its colors." It also points out, however, that there's "some truth" to the "eco-friendly image."

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